First post!

Hey guys!

So this page just got a massive makeover and I'm so, so happy so far. What's new? Obviously the language first of all! This page used to be in Swedish but I've always loved the English language and most of what I write is in English so this seems like a step in the right direction. However, I am far from flawless so I apologise in advance if my grammar fails me.
Second; there's now a "More" button! It wasn't there before, but it basically consist of a page about me (because why not narcissism), there's a page with a bunch of helpful links, whether it's for building your own webpage, writing a book or some other weird stuff I can find. And also a page where you can download different writing tools etc.

I've tried to hide any clues that this page used to be in Swedish, but if there's something you don't understand or just want to mention it so that I can fix it, feel free to contact me on email or under "Contact me".

So yeah, first post is finally done (it's been hanging over me for awhile because I didn't know what to write), and now I can relax and we can return to the usual semi-boring posts about my dogs and my not so super awesome writing skills.

If you're a new reader, welcome, and if you're an old reader, welcome back!


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