Kul-i-Juli! (Fun in July)

Funny title, I know. It's a special event every year in the town I live in, where a (too) large group of people meet up, get drunk and listen to (bad) music. Not really my cup of tea but I went today for the first time, brought my mom and we left roughly 10 minutes later. Super not so fun.
I woke up crazy late today so I haven't gotten anything done at all. At least nothing that I should be doing anyways. Besides Kul-i-Juli, mom and me went to a mall and then drove around and that's about it.

And what's new besides my lazy day? Nothing much, I think I'm losing my mind a little bit but that's nothing new. I am currently working on a horror story, I don't know if it's gonna be a long or a short story yet, but I'm currently trying to come up with different monsters for the story, which means that I am trying to imagine the scariest of the scary monsters and then imagine how I would react if I found one in my house and that is messing me up. I should probably let the story go but I love it and I've been working on it for so long. I'll tell you about it a little more sometimes soon.

How have you all been? Since this blog is new (reborn), I would love it if you guys wrote and told me what kind of content you'd like me to provide! And also, follow me on twitter or instagram (upper right corner, I follow back), and don't forget to ask me on ask.fm!



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