Sick day!

Weeeell, yesterday I made a mistake that I've done too many times before. I went out in the rain. And I know, this is not very entertaining to read about and that I shouldn't just upload posts for the heck of it but still, better than nothing.

I had to go to a store to pick up some ant poison yesterday because we have ant problems, and it's super gross. Not only did they manage to chew their way through one of our outer walls a couple of years ago, they also invite their lovely friends "flying ants" (I don't know if you call them something different in English but we just call them flying ants here). They are the "maters" of the ants, but they're extremely suicidal which is a great "fun fact" but depressing to know. So both males and females are born with wings and then they're supposed to mate so that a female can leave the colony and become a queen in her own colony, but this rarely happens according to the store I went to. Instead, most females that are born with wings chew them off and pretend to be working ants so they don't get kicked out, and the males are super depressed and just wait to die. They don't eat or anything, instead they just wait until it gets warm enough for them to fly high enough to then basically jump to their death. And that's messed up. They also appear to one live a day or so, but anyways, good riddance in that case.

Flying ant, picture borrowed from

If you want to read more about them and visit the site I borrowed the picture from then you can go here

Anyways. It was sunny and warm when I left home, I got on the bus, someone talked to me about her two cats for half an hour, got off the bus and went to the store, all while enjoying the sun. I got out of the store and it was a storm without limit, like there were thunder, windy and the rain was so heavy it was hard to keep my eyes open. Did I dress for it? Nope! Wore jeans and a thin shirt instead. My mom thankfully works nearby so I could walk to her job and stay there so we could drive home together. If anybody wanna know what she works with, she works with candy, and she's allowed to bring candy home with her which isn't that great.

Thanks to this, I am now super sick, again, and we still have ants. Good times.



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