Books, beaches and peculiar children

Today was a good day. And by that I mean, it's been a long day. But also good. I usually go to bed at ~7 am, which bothers my family a lot because I sleep all day (like a true author, or so I've read). But today I actually got up around 11 am which was super nice and I got a lot of things done. Me, mom and brother went to a couple of second hand stores which we do sometimes because it's fun and we actually interact with each other. I bought four books today; a baby book (I'm not pregnant), a book with a couple of H.C. Andersens most popular tales, Sole Survivor by Dean Koontz, who is one of my favorite authors, and Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs.
I really wanted to watch the last one when it was released as a movie in September but at that moment I was living in LA and I was just packing up to get home so I didn't have time to go see it, then when I got home and started to reboot my Swedish life and I just didn't have time. Then time went on and I thought "oh when I have the time to sit down for that long, I'm totally gonna watch it soon", which obviously never happened. So today I bought the book which I intend to read asap, and me and mom finally watched it when we had dinner today, and it was amazing! We asked if my brother Sebastian wanted to watch it with us which he didn't, but about halfway through the movie he joined us with the usual "I'm just gonna see what you're up to, but I might as well sit".
I'm thinking about doing a review, like everybody else, once I've read the book but some short info if you don't know what it is; a 16 year old boy/man finds his grandfather dead and has to follow clues that he left behind to get to a hidden orphanage, where he meets with a couple of "peculiar children" (children with various gifts), and their carer/watcher. The movie is directed by Tim Burton who I have a not so secret crush on, and I really enjoy horror/gothic/thriller so this was just awesome. If you have two hours left to spare then I highly suggest you watch the movie.

After this we packed up the family and our dog Polly and headed for the beach, and it was cold because I live in Sweden, but we had an over-all good time. We also learned that Pollys must be somewhat suicidal because she kept jumping up on a bunker (we have a lot of those on our beaches), and then jumping down which was waaaayy too high for her. Not so nice watching her fall on concrete and then rocks... We took some pictures (like the one above), bought some candy and then headed home.

And now here I am, at home! I'm getting ready for some gaming right after this post, and I wish all of you a good nights sleep and happy writing! ❤️


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