Unnecessary, necessary train ride

Hey guys!

Very vague title, I know, but it accurately describes yesterday. These past 10+ years I've been getting checked for Diabetes type 2, and yesterday I went on one of those checkups. I called my doctors office and said that I didn't feel well and I told them about my problems and they told me to get there asap, which always scares me. So I hurried up with my breakfast and shower and got on the train to get there. I did not always live in Helsingborg, even though I grew up here. I moved to a small town named Eslöv for a couple of years and I liked the doctor I had there so I chose to keep going to said doctor. It's roughly 1 ½ hours away by train, so I stressed like hell to get there, and once there I had to wait for a long time, and then when I met the doctor... My ordinary doctor is on vacation so I got this not so great new doctor instead.

ANYWAYS, They took blood and urine samples which didn't look great, but I don't have Diabetes, which is a massive relief. I asked the doctor why I was constantly thirsty and why I pee way more than I should, and he said "I don't know, how you tried not drinking so much?" and then sent me home. It was just so... I'm glad about the test results but the doctor were not help at all.
After the visit I spent some time in Eslöv and looked around a bit, which was bittersweet. Nothing really changes in small towns.
There's two ways to get home from there, and I missed the train that takes the shortest time, so I had to take the train the other way to another station (this sounds very weird if you don't know the specific train stations but anyways), from that station I were supposed to take a train to Helsingborg to get home, but then that train had already left the station so I had to take a buss to a town above Helsingborg and then train from there to Helsingborg, then the bus home from Helsingborg and instead of just 3 hours on bus and train, I spent 6 hours. It was horrible, it was hot, and it was boring. Not only that, but I only slept 45 minutes the night before so I was a wreck. Came home at around 3pm, and immediately heard "hey, wanna take the bus to town and meet up with mom". No, little brother, I don't wanna do that. I wanna sleep. But we went anyway.

This is a weird post but I'm still completely off from yesterday and so, so tired. If this made sense, then great. If it didn't, then I'll try to make more sense next time.
Now I'm gonna sleep.

Gnight guys! ❤️


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