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Hey guys!

Just a small update tonight before I go to bed, since I have been posting a lot more than I did before so I need to take a little breather from pooping out posts.

Right now I'm watching the movie The Stepfather, which is about a guy that takes on different personas and tricks his ways into a family and then destroys it. I know I don't describe it well but it's pretty good, so if you have the time - watch it. And yes, I did choose it because Penn Badgley is in it, and then I chose to stick around because it's a pretty good movie.
Now, I have been studying a lot lately (I'm studying to become a teacher), so my writing has been suffering a lot because of it. Thought I'd share a great tip for all of you who needs some form of visualization, or looking at the object you're writing about, when you write. I do to some extent need to see what I'm writing about in order to keep track of my project, but I unfortunately can't draw or paint at all. At. All. So one thing that is very easy to use is (obviously) The Sims (4). If you have it, that's great, and if you don't, it's pretty cheap now but there's other ways to go about this.
But first things first; The Sims 4 lets you create your character just the way you want it. You can go into details about face and body, as well as try out different outfits for different hair colors etc. I have used this a couple of times just to see what it would look like for fun, it's not something I prefer but it works great and I've heard from other people that they use it too and that they're satisfied.
Another way if you want to be able to look at your character while writing about it is with the help of Dolls. There's an endless supply of pages for this but Azalea's Dress Up Dolls and Doll Divine are two really fun sites to "work" with. (Pic below from Azalea's 40's fashion).

This will all go on the page "This Week In Writing", which is a hopefully not-so-far-from-today-future-project that I'm working on. And by working on I mean that I log on, make sure that the page is still there and empty because I'm incredibly lazy, and then log off again.

Last tip of the day? Actors... Yes! When I first started to write the story that I'm working on, had the story but I didn't have the characters. Or, I had the house that it happens in, but I didn't have the rest. Slowly, the story came to me, but the characters still aren't fully there. To make the whole process easier for me since I didn't know my characters at that point, I "assigned" actors that I think looks similar to the characters I want in my story and then go from there. It made the whole thing easier because that way I know what most facial expressions looks like, as well as movements and how someone uses their voice for different emotions etc.. My antagonist is "played" by Timothy Olyphant because in my mind, he's an awesome villain. No offense. But he is awesome.
So if you want your character to be relatively natural and you watch a lot of movies, have an actor in mind for a specific character and then try and see if you can describe how said actor.. acts. That's my tip of the day. Just don't let this consume you and make you leave all of your previous work and thoughts because of how a real person looks because you character can be ever so alive for you even if you haven't seen it. Weird sentence to end on but there you go!

Also, have you also noticed that there's a lot of new advertisement on the page? Me too and I don't know how to stop it really but let's enjoy the ad revenue while it lasts.
Now I'm gonna watch the last of the movie and then retire. Gnight guys! ❤️


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