Blind Melon - No Rain

First of all; hi guys!

"And I don't understand why sleep all day
And I start to complain that there's no rain
And all I can do is read a book to stay awake
And it rips my life away but it's a great escape"

Life. Life is.. I'm really tired you guys. It's just been an overwhelming week and I've barely gotten anything done and I'm constantly tired. Last time we talked I had just taken my Diatebes test, which came back negative and that was awesome, but my doctor told me to drink less (in general, not only alcohol), and it feels like that's really gotten to me. I'm so, so tired. The good thing though is that I live in Sweden and it rains all. the. time. so I'm always hydrated!
So these past days (years) have been filled with rain, which I usually like but it's been very heavy rain and it's to the point where you'll get sick if you go out and it's hard to see far ahead because you can't really open your eyes, that kind of rain. So of course I'm feeling a little sick, I always do.
What makes the rain even worse is that thursday, friday and saturday was the "festival" in Helsingborg, where I live. Actually, no, it used to be called Helsingborg Festival, now it's called Hx. Which leads me to this weeks rant (after all, it is sunday).

Helsingborg used to have the greatest festivities, it was a weekend where they almost completely shut down traffic in the inner city and the streets were full with people and laughter and where ever you turned where scenes and artists and music, and there were massive food courts and there were tivoli parks with rides to last for days, you could win an endless supply of stuffed animals with those claw machines (which I am killing by the way, they are the main reason people hang out with me), and in between this were stalls where people sold almost everything. You wanted a belt buckle with a real scorpion? Got it! You're interested in underwear with neon light? Nailed it! You want a t-shirt that says "I'm not racist, I hate everybody"? We got you covered.
But all of this isn't what made me, and almost every other Helsingborg citizen you talk to, love the festivities, it's that almost everybody who were complete shut ins were out and we talked to everybody we met and all of our friends that we never meet anywhere else, shows up there. It was great. It really was. It was for the people and everybody loved it.
Now though, and I feel like I have to get this off my chest, now it's different. Now it.. It doesn't suck, but it has a certail suckiness over it. A couple of years back they changed it to Hx, they changed the dates so that it's much later in the summer and the rain starts and when they first came out with this massive change they said that they wanted this city and this event to become more family oriented, more about sport and more about "life". Just more of all that we get every. single. day. in Helsingborg, because our city cares about the citizens and we are a very active city in general. The food court is now a couple of carts kiiinda close to each other and they all sell the same three stuff, there were three rides instead of the usual 10?, barely any claw machines and I mean, that's the soul and heart, don't remove those. The stalls were non-existing, so in case I wanted a lighter with built in corkscrew and a picture of Donald Duck riding a big carrot, I couldn't buy that now. But mostly, it went from being this huge carneval like event where most people were just a little bit tipsy, and you hung out and hugged friends you didn't even know you had, to this (literally) tree hugging, soccer related, jungle gym for kids, history lesson theme and it's just depressing. On another day that would have been awesome, I say "bring on more family related stuff!", but don't remove the main event of the year that brings in not only a shitload of money to the city but also tourists like nothing else, because this was a big thing and people booked their vacations around it.

So now if you've read this and you're not from around here or not interested, you might think "why is she telling us this?" and I am telling you this because I need to get this off my chest. There's been polls and surveys done by the city and they got the result of how well us "Helsingborgare" (as we call us) think about this new event, and the result were so negative that the city just went "Well, nobody can be that negative about something this, so we're assuming that the people who voted didn't go because if they did, they'd know that it was awesome". You can't ask the people what they thought of something, and then discredit them just because you don't like the results.
And also, it was raining this whole event, so that made it a little worse.

There's nothing much more to update you with today though, it's been pretty boring around here. I did get the question though why I never post anything about my writing or previous "work" and that's because my work and writing is very private to me. I've been working with my current project for maybe1? 2? years now and it wasn't until recently that I actually told my mom what it was about, and I think a lot of it is because I am very sensitive and I am a perfectionist so any form of negative criticism and I just stop writing. It sucks and I wish that I didn't take every comment so hard but it is what it is. Some are open and some aren't.
Also why I haven't posted any of my previous writing; I wrote a lot when I was younger, so several years ago, and it was in Swedish and my style has very much evolved from how I wrote when I were younger. It's also really hard to find old stories when you've entered a lot of different competitions, especially under different names which I did because I am the only one with my last name and I didn't want people who knew who I were to know my art. Again, very sensitive. I've been published in small magazines and online and I have been interviewed for it too, so now you know that. Also, this is not be bragging, I hate to brag, and this also doesn't mean that I think that I'm in any way, shape or form better than anybody else, and I am running this blog for fun and to share stuff that I've found helpful and stuff that I find right now when I'm continuing my search for "tools for writing", which is a journey I am still very much on and hope to continue with, and it would be awesome if you wanted to continue it with me.

That being said, if you want to know more, visit my page (you find it on the start screen or under "more" under "about me" or just send me a message on this page or in the comment section down below.



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