The weak weekend and the broken family

A week title too.

Hey guys! So I haven't written since... saturday? And as always, things has been up the frikking wall.
Last time I wrote I mentioned a near relative going through a major court matter, which was somewhat finalized today, so we're all doing cartwheels right now, but jokes aside, I'm going to talk about a little more todaywhich I promised both myself and you guys that I wouldn't do. I am doing this because I have to get it out because I feel incredibly broken inside, and I also don't think that any people that knows or can figure out who I'm talking about, is reading this blog.

My dad got a divorce a couple of years ago now (not from my mom, who is awesome by the way, I love you mom), from someone who didn't fully know how to take care of her kids or herself. She going through a mid-life crisis and it took a toll on the family, especially their youngest child.
Over the years my dad has since got remarried and moved hours away from his youngest child, and because the mother being how she is, my sister wasn't able to develope or perform like kids her age are supposed to do. Lawyers got involved and it's been so much arguing about this child, and nobody seemed to do something about the neglect she was experiencing.
Now, she has moved in with my dad and his wife full time and that is a massive win, even though it's gonna take a lot of work to make this whole thing work. Because of this she has serious issues with understanding consequences, accepting a "no", and realising when to give up an argument. Which throws us to this weekend.

It started thursday when I "babysat" her with my mom, which was a little exhausting, and then dad picked her up, and then I took care of her alone on friday which a little bit broke my spirit. Not because there's something wrong with her, and I'm not in any way blaming her like that, but taking care of someone who is energetic, has a hard time setting her mind on things and accepting defeat, it breaks you to some extent.
I was so freaking tired, and then on saturday me and mom drove to my grandpa's barbeque to meet up with relatives and it was so much fun to meet everybody, since we usually only meet around christmas. The "downside" was that my cousins have kids and they are all very well behaved, but kids in general are noisy so I left with a headache. It was still a great, great day though.
Got home, got some sleep (not enough), and then woke up early to meet up with dad, siss, and his wife because they were on a mini-vacation here.
We went to a place called Tropikariet in Helsingborg, and it's a small size zoo, but they focus on providing a very personal experience where you can feel close with the animals, so there'a lot of "free" animals running around. They also only have "tropical" animals, like snakes, spiders, birds, smaller monkeys and lemurs as well as sharks and various kinds of fish. There's also bats which flies among you when you enter a certain part of the building. It's built like a trail so you can't really back out if you're scared of anything you find there, but walk with someone taller than you and the animals focus on them instead because they will sit on your shoulders and they will land on your head. Or fly into it.
They work with a lot of endangered species and try to restore the population as good as possible, but only gain money through entrance prices so I highly suggest a visit if you're in Helsingborg. It's not too expensive and you'll leave with pictures and memories to last you a very long time.

So we went there and then my sister got a toy and it was all fun and games. We took the boat over to Helsingør, which is a town in Denmark, and it's about 20 minutes by boat between the two cities. We went, we walked, we ate and we conquered, all fine. Then sis found another toy that she wanted instead of the one she already got, and it because hell. She ran away, her phone didn't work so we couldn't call her to find her, we were all kinda grumpy, and she had a complete meltdown over this freaking toy. We spent more than an hour trying to get on the freaking boat back, and it only takes 10 minutes to walk there from where we were. There were constant crying and screaming, arguing, at several points actual fighting and we were all so broken up about it that it completely destroyed the day that we made sure was so fun for my sister, to celebrate that she was finally coming home. All of it because of a toy.
We (the grown-ups) decided to try and make the best of it, even if my sister was gonna scream and pout the rest of the day, so we went to the beach when we got back to Sweden. It was okay weather, not bathing weather but picking-stones-on-the-beach-weather. After awhile my sister cooled down and we had a pretty good time. I then wandered off from the group and found this amazing swing in the middle of nowhere so I just laid down, watched the waves and listened to music for awhile. (Pic of swing down below).

Now it's monday-soon-tuesday and I've slept through the entire day because I was so tired, so I'm well rested and ready for action again. This is why I haven't written for a couple of days, and why I also haven't posted any good writing material this weekend which I've been gathering up stuff to do. It's still coming though so watch out for that!



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