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Hey guys!

Thanks for sticking with my incredibly unorganized uploading of posts. These past days I've honestly been out hunting for Pokémon with my brother, which is something I recently started to do because he wanted someone to play with and I am in horrible shape (but round is a shape so I technically win). Either way, it's been going great, I'm level 17 and I am killing it. I'm also killing my phone because the game basically tears my battery apart, so I can no longer blog via my phone.
Yesterday, me, mom, Polly and my brother went to a place called Ramlösa Brunnspark (Ramlosa Park), which is a park where they used to collect healthier water because he water was filled with iron, which supposedly is good for you, and it's also completely natural. I'll post a pic down below to show the water. People came her for far away to drink it and cure whatever illness they suffered from, and then they opened up a big factory where they now produce and sell water throughout the entire country, which makes the park kinda worthless in that way. It's still an awesome park though; there's schools, a gym, a small outdoor concert hall in the summer and the atmosphere is crazy nice. All of the buildings are old and it's like stepping into a time machine, so I highly suggests going there if you're out and about.

I took the head picture at a school in the park and I though this idea was genius. It was painted on a piece of wood and says "needs friend", and I think this is a great idea because when a child doesn't have anyone to play with, they go over there to show that they want someone to play with or and that they feel lonely and then other kids can notice it and invite the lonely kid. That was a long sentence. Anyways, it's a great thing to do, if you own a school I highly suggests getting one of these because after some research, it's clear that these do raise kids well being (and you win some parent-points).

This was a short update because I've been crazy lazy and I've basically just sat on my ass for days now. Therefore I am going to end the post here, but first say that the key to become a great writer is to write much and read more. This way you'll develope your own style, your own pace and you'll also how and when you're on the top of your game. Write much, read more.

A natural source for water with a high iron level. The stone has been colored red because of the iron. Picture borrowed from Wikipedia


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