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So I just got done with a course that I'm studying, so now I have some more time to spend on here. I am so happy with the result, I got a C, which may not sound great but I'm very happy with it. My favorite part from this course was the studies of Wittgenstein, mostly because it wasn't all that much about philosophy as it was the meaning behind words and how we communicate, especially in different environments or situations. Which is basically what I want to work with and - obviously - what I'm trying to do here. Should I write "The brown ball was round" or "the object used in this specific sport was a relatively big, completely round ball made out of brown-ish leather". The first one would probably be correct, but we all know that I'd write as much as possible if given the chance.

I'm just about to head out with the dog to hunt for Pokémons, (because that's who I am now, embrace the nerdy-ness), and then I'm going to look into this "new" "thing" "write lists for money", that's apparently happening right now. I'm not saying that I'm gonna be great at it, but I'd love to try and (almost) all money is good money. I'll keep you updated.

Gnight guys ❤️

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