I'm back!

"Back to life, back to reality..."

Hey guys!

SO I AM HOME after a VERY long week. I've been at my dad's place babysitting my sister. Without getting into it too much; my sister have a pretty big need for extra help in her day-to-day life and there's also been some (not-so-pleasant) developments in my life so this week was not good. But now I'm home for roughly a week and a half, trying to catch up on my life before going back for a couple of days.
Bad things about this week; some.
Good things about this week; I've gotten a hecking big load of work done and it feel so good! I think last time we talked was about the index cards and as I might have mentioned; you're supposed to have roughly 60 cards; 15 for the first art (the beginning), 30 for the middle act (where everything happens) and then another 15 for the last act (where all of the ends are tied together and Prince Charming kisses the frog). I'm done with almost all of the cards I've chosen and the story is basically done, so now all I actually have to do is.. To write the book. I've also put a deadline on this projects because if I don't I will simply never finish it. There's always gonna be stuff that I want to change, I will never be fully satisfied with the story and I will always doubt myself, so by putting a deadline on this project I will do all of the basics, if there's more time after that I might change it a bit, polish it, but then I'm done. SO, new years eve is when my project should be done and I'll be damned if it's not. Get it together, Frida!
This is something I HIGHLY recommend for you guys because it can actually save your project when it comes to getting it done and not giving you enough time to fuck it up. Some people say that it shouldn't take more than three months to write it when all the research is done but if it's your first book (like it is mine) I don't see that big of a problem if it takes just a little bit longer.

Now I'm going to play some Skyrim (oh how I've missed thee), watch some stand-up and then go to bed. I've missed you guys. Tomorrow I might do a little bigger post about my "travels" because they're always filled with crazy stuff, but we'll see!

Love you mom,
gnight guys! ❤️


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