A bloody mess...

The title is so freaking accurate right now..

Welcome back, guys!

So I've looked around the world wide web to find a hint about what part I should start writing first. I have my characters somewhat finished (you can download a very basic template here), I have my timeline almost completely set up with the index cards in order (you can find out more about index cards here) as well as the themes all set and the emotions that I want to portray as well. So what's left is... Writing. I know that I was supposed to be, or try to be, one of those cool bloggers that spend my entire day just posting awesome tips and hints about how you can write your perfect story but in all honesty, my private life is killing me right now. What's bothering me the most about that part of my life is that it contains a lot of secrets that aren't mine to share, and there's a lot going on that could end up like shit if I started to spread what's happening. Maybe some day when the dust has settled I can bring it up again because I want to be honest with you guys, I just can't right now.

Enough about me! So "supposedly", when you're somewhat happy with the timeline (which you can change later if you feel like some cards are in the wrong order), you should start writing the biggest scenes. I have a couple of bigger scenes, one being a car crash in the beginning that I've already written, which turned out pretty okay. Another one is kinda like a twist right after the climax, and it's basically just blood. I might change this later because so far, it's pretty gruesome. But expect blood. This is where I'm at right now, so you guys know. If you're interested in knowing how to best write some scenes, writethatscene is a great site that easily can help you out.

Polly is looking at me right now so I'm guessing we're going for a walk!
See you later alligator! ❤️

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