A quicky?

Hey guys!

We just got home after a long pokémon round around the beach and Helsingborg; me and my brother both play and this is a great way to hang out and annoy other people who doesn't like pokémon. Anyways, we had fun, got some new balls and talked to some other players. If you're not playing I highly suggest trying it!

So right now you might be wondering "what the frick is going on with this background?", and that's a completely valid question! I've changed it maybe four times now these past days because it's fall and I wanted to (pumpkin)spice it up a bit! Is the final product okay? I think so! Will I change it again before Christmas? Probably.
The background is from Pexels and you can find the picture here. Pexels is an amazing site that offers free pictures that you can use for personal or commercial use without restrictions, and if you love their service you can donate money to either the site, or the photographer!

I've been writing a lot lately which feels great, but I also feel incredibly fragile. Like my ego could not take any backlash or negative feedback right now, because I'm "in the zone" and I feel like just about anything could mess me up and make me change the story. Luckily, I'm outlined maybe the first 15 pages now, which is gonna need a lot of editing obviously, but it feels amazing. I've decided to let mom read it soon to get some (hopefully positive) feedback.

Other than this, I just finished watching The Boy (2016) and I thought about doing a quick review of it here, hopefully within a week. You can find the trailer here, so that I won't spoil the movie for you later!

I love you guys, you keep me sane.
And I love you mom.


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