Staircase to...?

Nope, not heaven. That we know of.

Hey guys!

So today I though I'd share a reddit post that I love. And by love, I mean LOVE. You guys know that writing, reading, listening and watching horror is my life (and it's probably also why I'm messed up), so when my brother found this post some year ago, I was all aboard the YES-train, (because a nope-train is a thing, just play along people).

It's posted in the subreddit r/nosleep, which is a sub for writers/victims to tell their 'true' scary story. The subs description is "NoSleep is a place for authors to share their original horror stories. For a more detailed explanation of the subreddit, click here.
Suspension of disbelief is key here. Everything is true here, even if it's not. Don't be the jerk in the movie theater hee-hawing because monkeys don't fly."
This specific post got a lot of positive feedback, so I just want to share this one here so that if you haven't read it, here it is! Also; obviously this isn't my post, I don't take any credit for it, I'm just sharing it.

It's titled I'm a Search and Rescue Officer for the US Forest Service, I have some stories to tell, it has over 14k likes, and it's about a (like the title said) a Search and Rescue Officer sharing some of the stories he/she heard on the job, or that the person has experienced on their own. It's pretty intense and not for the faint-hearted.

You can find the first out of eight posts here, and then at the bottom of the post there's links to the continuing posts.
If you'd rather listen to the story, you can find it here on youtube by Corpse Husband.

Listen, read, and enjoy.

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