Puppy love

I heard that's what they call it. This weekend has been filled, I'm so tired, I have a headache and I feel like crying.

So saturday I was supposed to babysit my youngest sister when my dad and my older sister went to Germany, so they drove her down to me and I picked her up at 6 a.m., which is usually when I go to bed. She weren't tired at all, but I was so after like three hours I finally got her to sleep for like an hour, which is about as much sleep as I got. We woke up, ate, then went to the closest mall to us, which is like a little more than an hour by bus, and that distance with an 11 year old with too much energy isn't a thing that I think people should seek out and do. If you can, avoid it.
We got to Toys'R'Us where she stood for like 25 minutes choosing between three toy horses, and we ended up leaving with two of them (yes, I bribed her so that we could leave, don't judge).
We walked through the mall looking for food, but apparently everybody goes shopping on saturdays so every place we went to was full. We decided to eat when we got back to town instead, we just had one more stop before leaving. Apparently, we now celebrate Halloween like 15 days before Halloween in Sweden because the whole mall had a Halloween theme and there were candy and competitions and people dressed out as ghosts and zombies and shit, and I don't care for that at all. I love horror, but I absolutely hate dressed up people for Halloween. I don't like it when they jump out and scare me, and don't like seeing their faces, I don't like a trail of fake blood on the floor. No, just no. Stop it.
Anyways, we stood in line for 35 minutes for my sister to get a spider on her cheek, with face paint obviously. 35 minutes is acceptable, but this was literally the worst face paint job I've ever seen. You could barely see that it was supposed to be a web and a spider, but, it was free so I'm fine with it.

We came back to Helsingborg, had some food and then went to visit my mom, who were helping a very close family friend move. There were so much to do, so when my dad finally picked up my sister I decided to stay behind and help with the move. We got that shit done, it took forever, but we did it. We decided to get to the basement the day after, so we went home, ate and then went to bed.

Sunday comes around, we get up and drives to our friend and the basement is packed. Like roof-filled. It took a long time, we drove a couple of rounds to move the stuff, and then we drove back to where our friend lives right now which is roughly an hour away, got done there and then an hour back, and we were home pretty late, again.

To summarize this; my weekend has been filled, I'm tired, my body is hurting, and I'm so happy to be done with it!
Also, picture of the friends dog who I got to cuddle with! Feel asleep in my hand, and I fell freaking in love with him.



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