Fraggle Rock rocks

Hey guys!

It's been a couple of slow days now, I feel sick (which I constantly seem to do some how..), so I've just been sleeping lately. I've also changed my way of writing, kinda. Like you know I like to write, and I have this major project that I'm trying to write and so far it's been going great and I've gotten a lot of writing done. But now, I don't know what's going on in my story! I know the beginning, some middle parts and the ending is super clear, but I don't know how the story gets from beginning to end. So I'm trying to turn the story around, and start to writing from the end and all the way to the beginning.
I did write a couple of posts about index cards and how they can help you out, which I still very much believe in, but what happens between the cards?

So that's basically what I'm up to right now. It does bother me that I'm stuck, but hopefully one day I can look back at this struggle and think "wow, I had no idea what I was trying to do, but at least I tried. And then I won $1 000 000."

Now on to some the title of this post; Fraggle Rock! I grew up watching the show (on VHS because it ended before I was even born),  and I loved it. So I think it was last year that me and my brother got the complete seasons on DVD from mom as a Christmas present. If you have kids or you haven't watched it yourself, you can find the intro here. Nerdist made a post a couple of days ago that the characters are coming as Funko Pop figures (with including Doozers) and I'm super excited about that!

Hopefully it won't be too long until next post, I have a problem with writing whenever I'm sad, mad, unhappy or focused on other things, but I'm trying my best so please don't hate me. Also, I should really start posting on Instagram again, why did I stop?!

Love you guys
Love you mom

Picture borrow from Nerdist


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