New blog (design) - New me? Again?

As you might have noticed, this place looks completely different - again. Do you like it?
I've gone through several blogs and blog designs these past years and that's partially because I can never decide on anything, but also because I feel like I grow out of them. I feel like I'm growing, and I've done that a lot lately.

I haven't fully been commited to this blog these past months and I really want to change that so I've already loaded up on some posts down the line, and let's just please call this a clean slate? Whatever posts posted before this one will stay on this page, they're my cringe-filled gift to you guys and I hope you'll stay with me while I'm starting to take my life seriously again!

What to expect from now on; at least some cheesy quotes, more write-related; less family drama (although my family seems to thrive on it) and more happy thoughts!
The picture for this post is a picture of me from 2012. 2012! And the reason I'm posting it is because almost three years before that picture was taken I went through a personal hell, but it made me grow. So let that happy, but depressing, but also excited and naive face be the new face of this blog.

I love you guys
I love you mom


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