Hey guys!
I'd like to show you a fun site that I use sometimes to escape my boredom. StumbleUpon is a site that allows you to find random sites that you might not have thought of looking up otherwise. Maybe you'll find a new interest, a new idea or just something to distract you for 15 minutes.

All you do is create an account, you'll get a bunch of different topics that you can save if you're interested in them and then the site will automatically send you to different webpages based on what you're interested in. Super easy, simple, free and you'll never feel bored again.

So this is a picture from my StumbleUpon profile, and as you can see I have a lot of weird interests. It's a mix of stuff that I usually wouldn't find in one place otherwise, so the tool of this site is actually great. The site can send you to everything from pictures of puppies to wikipedia lists of mythological creatures.

Also, this is not a paid-for post, I just really love this page. Have fun!

Picture borrowed from StumbleUpon's site.

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