Our dog history (long post) Part 1 - Ina

Hey guys!
YES, that is a bad title for a post, you're absolutely right. If you're not into dogs or aren't that crazy about my personal posts then you won't miss out if you skip this one.

So yesterday, a guy that I follow online lost his dog. She was just a puppy and so, so cute, and after crying from watching the video where he talks us through what happened, I just had to hold Polly for a while. I don't think I fully understand how much I love my dog, and how much dogs mean to me. So I thought I'd write about our history with dogs because it can be a "fun" thing to read to get to know me more.
We got "our" first dog around... 2008? I'm not sure, but we got her from a site that let's you know when some dogs are rescued by the police, and then you have the possibility to adopt them. My maternal grandmother wanted a dog because she felt lonely, and both me and my brother (especially my brother) were crazy about the idea of having a pet, even though it was supposed to be grandma's dog, and it was gonna live with her, but she didn't live far away and it was still a huge thing. So we booked a time with the police to visit their shelter and we could pick out our dog, and we came there to look for a Cavalier King Charles, because the police had just picked up this huge group of dogs (like 16 or something), that were underfed, uncared for and it was all just a mess. Some had to be put down and some were given the chance to find a forever-home. Out of all of them this small, sensitive little dog came and picked us and we named her Ina.

We soon realized that she had huge problems healthwise, and because of that we couldn't keep her for as long as we'd hope. I don't know if we had her like 6 months or more, but grandma spent so much money trying to fix her up, and we'd happily spend more, but she was suffering a lot so we put her down. During the time she was with us we had to remove some of her teeth twice; the first time it wasn't done right and the vet actually removed some healthy teeth and left the bad ones in, which meant that we had to take all of her teeth at a later point. After this, her tounge was always out and we couldn't give her any food that she had to chew.

After the teeth, we found out that her stomach was in bad shape. It was honestly all just a mess, which is why it's kinda har to remember now 9 years later. We had to have her entire uterus removed, which kinda changed how she was, and she became a lot more unpredictable. She also started to pee inside, which she did a lot, which then caused the risk of my grandma slipping in it. She then came to live with us some time after that. Then, it even worse because she started to have these complete freak-outs where she would whimper and scream in pain whenever we got near or touched her. This was caused by something called syringomyelia, which is something that is common mainly with smaller dogs, and especially with Cavaliers. Humans can have this too, but in another form, this is the dog version.
So syringomyelia is a disease that dogs inherit from their parents, and it's when the brain grows like it should, but the skull bone is too small for the brain to fit. This causes problems mainly for the back of the skull, which creates a malformation where the brain instead of stop growing, starts to psuh through the entrance to the spinal cord because of pressure. This then puts pressure on different nerves which causes the nerv system to "think" that the dog is in pain or is hurt. There's more to it, but that's the basics about the disease and now you know that (the more you know!).
So basically we had this dog that couldn't eat without help, she couldn't control her bladder and she was in constant pain, which she partially thought that we afflicted. It's common to try with medication, which we did, and also surgery, which we chose not to. She had already gone through a lot, especially since before coming to us, so we decided to let her pass away before it got worse. We did what we could, and we gave her the best months she could have had and she was constantly surrounded by love.
Having a dog is an amazing experience, but the day we said goodbye to her was one of the hardest in my life so far.

Part 2 will be out tomorrow, so stay tuned! Also, I think there's gonna be a new "lesson" coming out as well.

Love you guys
Love you mom


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