Our dog history (long post) part 2 - Tösen

Hey guys!
Yesterday I started this four-part "storytime" about our dogs and our history with them. If you're not into dogs our my personal posts then there'll soon be a new "lesson" about writing with a goal, so stay tuned for that.

So yesterday I wrote about our first dog Ina, you can find that post here, and today I'm gonna tell you a little about Tösen (or Tosen, in english). Tös is an oldfashioned Swedish word for girl, so our dog's name was "The Girl" basically. We did not name her, even though we came to love that name on her.
We got her around 2012 (?), in a pretty different way. I love her still, but I'm also kinda very pissed about the way that we got her. Just like yesterday, we adopted our dog. I very much support adopt don't shop, but I can also understand the appeal of a "clean slate" dog and a cute puppy (our forth dog is a shop-dog).
My mom and brother worked for short time at a farm some hour away, and they had a lot of dogs there. They later decided to move and when doing so, they had noticed that mom was especially fond of this one dog and they were like heey, why not take her home...?, and mom was like nope, I' not going through that heartbreak again and we don't have time and we can't afford a dog right now, so no. Then they tried to sell the dog to our neighbor, and even though they liked her, they chose to not buy her because we knew nothing about the dog. How old is she? I don't know, maybe 7, maybe 9, we don't know.
How is she? We also don't know, happy maybe?
Has she had puppies? Yes, no wait, no. Yes maybe, I think there were puppies but also no.
So you know nothing abour your dog? No.
Basically all we had to go on was that she was a flatcoated retriever and that it was a girl. Then the day of the move came and they were like hey, if you don't take this dog with you, we're gonna put her down. We can pay for food, but you need to take her, because we will put her down otherwise, and this is a really messed up thing to say because they should never have forced her on us like that. What were we gonna do - let a healthy dog die? No, so mom brought her home.

We all got used to having her around right away but of course it wasn't without some difficulties. After getting her we visited some family friends and we brought Tosen with us, and while there, she freaked out and yelled at one of their kids. It was aggressively and it made us really, really uncomfortable because we didn't know at that time that apparently she had been abused as a pupp, which caused her to hate children. We called the previous owners, my mom was in shock and they were like yeah, well shit happens now you know that she doesn't like kids. OH OKAY, WELL THANKS FOR TELLING US.

There's so much to write about her, honestly. We had her from 2010 (?) to january 2016. During that time she attacked two kids, but they weren't hurt as much as shaken. She also blessed us every day because of how kind she was and she was an over-all amazing dog. In the beginning she used to steal bread when we weren't home an then hide it under furniture, which was pretty weird. She also went through the garbage and caused a little bit of mayhem, but that soon settled.
Then in 2012 we got another dog (which will be in tomorrows post), which she actually really liked. Sure, she got bored of this crazy puppy quickly, but they got along very well.
Some trouble we had with her was that she got sick a couple of times; we were actually almost about to lose her at one point, which was really scary. She had a couple of periods when she couldn't keep any food and just threw up everywhere, and she got so slow and shaky because she didn't have any energy or nourishment in her body. During the first of these episodes we tried to contact the previous owners (you know, the ones that said they would help out with food for her, as well as insurance and health related problems, but they cut ties with us pretty quickly after moving away), and we called and called and called until they were like yeah well drive to this address and they'll help you, say that we'll pay for it, which I can't remember if they actually did, I don't think they did. And the address they gave us... Guys, have you ever gotten the feeling like okay, I might actually die here, this might be it for me? We arrived in the middle of the woods in a valley almost, it was dark as fuck because it was evening time, and as we drove in, several big dogs surrounded the car and barked like crazy. We parked and waited for someone to meet us because we didn't dare get out of the car, and while we waited we looked around. Garbage, dogs, poop, enclosures with rabbits, as well as a pile of dead hens right next to my window. We're talking a real pile.

The vet (or, "vet"), later came out and as she distracted her dogs we had to hurry into a nearby trailer with ours, carrying her because she was too week to stand or keep her head up.
The vet was a very kind woman and she helped us a lot, gave us medication and we actually felt pretty relieved after leaving her, even though the trailer was a fucking mess, with stains from God knows what, used towels and a smell that almost hurt your eyes.
We didn't have to go back there after that incident, thankfully.

She got older and older, like dogs usually do, and after two years we had to say goodbye to our puppy and Tosen took that pretty hard. She was partially relieved the first couple of days, but you could tell that she missed her very easily.
Five days after the puppy left us, we got another puppy. This one was "fresh" (shop), 10 weeks, seemingly flawless, and both of her parents are competing dogs, which means that she has a shitload of energy. Tosen got so old when we got her, and the patience she had shown the previous dog, wasn't there at all. It was 100% get her the fuck away from me, now, which was really sad because the new pup LOVED Tosen.

This was in June, and around November that year Tosen got pretty slow. Everything was done in slowmotion, she had problems chewing her food, her patience was literally zero and we knew that we weren't gonna have her forever anymore. December came around and it got worse, she threw up a lot, and around Christmas she stopped walking. We had to carry her outside so that she could pee, but whenever we did she would just lay where we put her. She was in so much pain and you could see on her that she wanted to be put down, she was done, she didn't wanna do this anymore. Still, hoping that she was just sick, we kept her around, but in early January 2016 she hadn't eaten or had water for some days, and she hade barely moved so we decided that it was time to let her go. I stayed home with the new pup as my mom and brother went to the vet with Tosen and came home without her. The picture below is the last one we have of her, and she's with her "sister", that was very protective over her near the end.

Thanks for reading so far; I like to give something more than just writing on here, more to get to know me and who I am and who I've been, as well as hope to be. I'm going to add two more parts of this "series" and if you chose to read it, I would be super happy. Also, feel free to leave a comment or share this blog, it would be super fun to hear from you guys.

Love you guys
Love you mom


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