Our dog history (long post) part 3 - Mini

Hey guys!
I wasn't really sure if I was gonna write this today or not, because it's been one of those "I'm tired and I don't wanna get up"-days (like every day for me). But here I am, and writing about this dog makes me both happy and very, very sad.

So our third dog was this amazing girl named Mini. Mini, if you don't know, means tiny in Swedish, and since we knew that she was gonna grow up to be a beast, we had to name her accordingly.
Mini was a very different dog from the beginning. We already had Tosen, but my brother wanted another one that could be his, more than just the family dog. Me, mom and grandma said no several times, especially me. We can't afford another dog, we don't have time for another dog, we don't have knowledge about having two dogs at the same time, and so on. NO, we are NOT getting another dog. And then we got another dog.
I went up to my dad's in Gothenburg to celebrate my youngest sister's birthday in the beginning of December 2012 and spent a weekend there. Then I was gonna go home on December 9th, right after the birthday party, and I got this call from my grandma like:
-Hey have you heard anything from you mom or you brother?
-No, why?
-Well there's this massive snowstorm and they drove out hours ago, and I can't reach them.
-Where were they going?
-Oh they went out to buy a puppy that Sebastian wanted.
And at that point I got so mad.. Words cannot express how mad I was, because I had been so stern and so determined that we.were.not.getting.another.dog. And I called and called and called, and I'm not sure if they picked up or if my grandma called me back saying they were okay, but after the party, me and dad dropped of my sister at her grandma then we drove down to Helsingborg to drop me off.
Me and dad comes in and in our couch is this.. Filthy looking, sad, scared (big) puppy who were just terrified of everything that moved. The picture down below is the first picture we have of her, in the couch.

I know it might not look like it on this picture, but she grew up to become the most beautiful dog in the whole world.

Me and dad were both like what do you know about this dog, where did you get her, how much did she cost, and we got pretty shitty answers back. Sufficient, but not satisfying at all.
Well it's a girl and she's 14 weeks and she's a mix breed made up of German Shepherd, Newfoundland, Doberman, Rottweiler and Labrador Retriever. And listen, I'm not against mix breeds, go for it, buy them, they can be amazing dogs. But keep in mind that in the majority of cases the dog inherits the bad stuff, like diseases, heartproblems, bad hips, attitude, from all of the breed. And not only that, but some breeds doesn't go well together, which can cause mental health problems for the dog also, which is what happened to us (I'll get to it down below). Unless you know what you're doing, don't, that's the general rule for dogs.
Another thing was that the home she came from was filthy, pee and poop everywhere, the momma dog was "crying" when they were about to take Mini away from her, as if this isn't heartbreaking enough, and my brother didn't really want her, but he didn't wanna leave without buying a dog either, partially because he thought it would feel weird because somebody just spend time on someone who turned out to be a waste of time, and also because he probably knew that I would lever in my life allow this. He also wanted to save her from the misery, so I'm counting Mini as a half adopt and half shop.

Mini was an amazing, incredible, smart, beautiful dog, I cannot say it enough, she was just so amazing to us. She learned super quick that she shouldn't pee inside, sit, kiss, lay down, she was such a quick learned, it basically just took one or two times of showing her what she was supposed to do and she knew it.
She also learned a lot of stuff on her own, like opening AND CLOSING the doors, (please note that we have the "ordinary" long door handles, not the round ones that are worthless when you're trying to get out of the bathroom but you have butter on your hands. Or something).
And one time it she actually locked me and my brother outside, which sounds fun now, but it was complete mayhem at the time. Basically me, my brother, Tosen and Mini was playing in the yard. It was around lunch time and we still had pyjamas on, and the keys and phones were inside. Mini threw a fit, and we forced her to got inside while we were waiting for Tosen to pee. SUDDENLY, we heard the familiar click of the front door, and she had gotten on her hind legs and tried to open the door, but instead accidentally locked it. Now, this on it's own isn't such a horrible thing, but right next to the door is our security alarm box and she could easily get a freaking security team out to our house. I had to knock on the doors at a couple of neighboring houses and then one opened and I called my mom from his phone, and she had to drive home and open up. It's one of those moments when the "I'm not even mad, I'm impressed" meme fits perfectly.

Because of her having mental issues, we eventually had to put her down. It started pretty early on, and it showed whenever it was more than just the three of us home or we were outside. She were so aggressive. She was never aggressive towards us, but when she saw other people, and especially other dogs, she would just freak out. Full blown trying-to-get-away-from-you-so-I-can-kill people freak out. When she was in that "zone" she didn't see anything else, and she almost bit my face off once. It was inches away from happening and I was so scared and it was just one of those things that you had to "get used to" when you had her, you always had to be ready, on edge, prepared to jump if anything ever happened. You could never relax around her, and she knew that. And that time it wasn't against me, it was that I was down on the ground for some reason, and she saw a dog in a distance and my face happened to be in the way. This also happened with my leg once, but instead of "almost" she actually did bite me, hard. My brother, who was the only one that could walk her, got used to being bitten because of this whenever they were out. And this is also a thing I want to mention, because it plays a pretty big part in our decision in letting her pass away; she was a big dog. Like, we knew that she was gonna get pretty big because of the breeds she had in her, but she got BIG. If you know how big a German Shepherd is, imagine something maybe 7 inches taller and a lot heavier. So my dog had to walk her because we couldn't, in fact, he barely could either.

Her issues evolved at a fast speed, and we were not ready for it. We could barely have her in the yard anymore, and when we did, we had to have her both on a leash that my brother held, and one that was hooked into the ground, and she still had to have a muzzle just in case. I think she did bite people a couple of times, but the one time I do remember, and I don't blame her (kinda) was when she was still small(er), and I walked her and our neighbor was out with her dog. I was like go ahead, and I'll walk behind you because I won't be able to pass you, and she, who was in high school studying to become something animal related said no, I actually study animals and I know how to handle her, so she tied up her dog and started to walk over to us, no, don't come over, she's gonna bite you, and I will not be able to be help accountable. You are walking over, knowing the risk, but still she was like noo, noo it's fine I know how to handle dogs. Well she didn't. Thankfully my neighbor had a very thick winter jacket on, because Mini bit her in her arm and didn't let go. My neighbor screamed and quickly took her dog and walked away. Of course I know that I'm partially to blame, but I warned her several times, and then I texted her several times to check up on her, and she was supposedly fine, but she did have to go to the hospital. Knowing that she could and would bite someone if they came close was a big problem because we are a very tight neighborhood with lots of kids running around.
Mom and Sebastian eventually booked a meeting with a dog trainer, and they met and she was immediately like you have to put her down as fast as possible, I hate to say it but it's her or a kid. We will never be able to fix this. And knowing that was hard because it meant that there literally wasn't any help to let us keep her with us. Yes, we could have gone to a special needs trainer and we could have worked on her for years, but we were never gonna be able to trust her. This, and also that she was very "sick"; she was depressed, stressed, we couldn't make a sound or raise our voices or play loud music or drop something without her having a panic attack and it would take a long, long time to calm her down. We decided that because of this, and because of her being a danger to the people around us, we had to let her go.
Out of the three dogs, her death was by far the hardest because she was only 2 and a half years old, and she was so amazing to us, and we loved her like crazy. She was our baby, and she still is, but she didn't feel good. And when your dogs don't feel good, don't be selfish and keep them around for your sake, let them go for their sake.

We couldn't plan getting rid of her, because then we never would do it. It had to be one of those "let's do it now, or not at all"-things. So one thursday in june 2015, we were like okay, let's drive up there and do it now, and we packed us all in the car, drove to McDonalds, bought cheeseburgers, cried like crazy, tried to not cry in front of her while in the same car as her, I walked in to the vet clinic, told them that we were gonna put her down (and this was in the evening so there wasn't that many people that could do it), and they told me that there were a long list of people waiting for help and that we could sit and wait for a couple of hours or come back in the morning. We waited, and waited, and cried, and took pictures of her, pet her.. Then they told us that if these pills wrapped up in meatballs wouldn't help calm her down, they were gonna have to shoot her with an anesthetic shot and that they had a hunter that could do it for us.
By a miracle, the meatballs worked, and she was too relaxed to walk so we had to carry her into a room. A vet came and asked if we were ready, which we weren't of course, but since she was already so heavily medicated from the meatballs we had no choice because she was already dying. So we looked into her eyes as they gave her the shot, and we watched the light go out until she was completely empty. Then my brother carried our 2 year old dog to the box given to us, put on the lid and we left her in that room. We walked out, got in the car, still with the cheeseburger wrappers and holding her leash and collar. We drove to a nearby store and we all walked in, which was the first time since we got her that we were out the three of us, without someone having to guard her. It was heartbreaking, and it was relieving.

Couldn't choose a picture so here's a bunch of them.
The final part will be out tomorrow!

I love and miss you Mini


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