"10 secrets to write better stories"

Hey guys!
So I'm right now sitting down, trying to write, cry a little (read a lot), and in my desperation to make it through this project of mine, I googled "how to write good stories" because as you know, that shit is hard. It's not that I can't, it's just that I don't think that I can't. I've always felt or heard or thought growing up that trying to write and become a writer is shameful, stupid, waste of time, you become a worthless piece of garbage in this wonderful human clusterfuck we call society because we don't contribute to building a better future. And that's wrong, because writing does not only help you evolve as a person, it helps other people find their voice, find the strenght and courage to write their stories, or live their stories, educate them, or just entertain them. But I didn't feel that positivity or happiness in my writing when I grew up. It's just a stupid idea, I'm never gonna be able to finish it, I'm never gonna be someone, nobody would ever read it, least of all publish it because it's garbage and I'm completely worthless. I don't deserve having this dream that I look forward to and that helps me grow, because I don't contribute to more than, at best, wasting trees, that could provide other people with oxygen. No, writing was never a good idea in my head. And then I sit down, I start to write, it goes great, it goes okay, it goes, and then it stops. The feelings and thoughts mentioned above starts to creep in and I'm stuck - again.

So in my despair I googled how to write a good story, and this article written by Joe Bunting pops up and I actually don't feel as hopeless anymore. Therefore, I'm sharing it with you guys because it can most likely help you too, whether you're stuck, bored, don't know where your story is going or is finishing up your story. You can find it here, and it's called How to write a story: The 10 Best Secrets.

Love you guys
Love you mom

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