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Hey guys!
As you know, I'm from, and still live in, Sweden. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving because it's an American tradition, and even though I like certain aspects of it, except from the history of Thanksgiving.
I do, however, wanna give thanks in the form of a blog post. The "problem" is that I have so much to be thankful for, so it's impossible to just mention one or two things. I'm thankful for being able to talk to my parents and siblings, sleep in a bed every night and being fortunate enought to live in a part of the world that allows me to follow my dreams or be sick, and still be provided for. I'm thankful for live, and I know that I don't say that enough. We take so much for granted which we shouldn't do. Being able to call each other, choose what to eat each day, walking and talking..

Today me and mom went to the shopping mall closest to us, and it was crazy. The only time the parking lot is that full is two days before Christmas, which is usually when I buy my gifts because I am not that bright sometimes. Even though I freaking know when Christmas is because of my chocolate calender, so why can't I buy stuff in time? We were supposed to go in and look for some stuff but decided that it wasn't worth it, and we bought some food and went home instead.
After eating we went to another store to buy a baptism card and paper to wrap a gift in because a friend of mine is having her son baptised tomorrow. I'm pretty sure she's not reading this blog, because if she did she would know how hard these past months have been and she'd actually write to me other than to complain about having a newborn, which everybody told her was gonna be hard, which brings us to my next point:
I've been pretty mad lately for some reason, I guess it's just these past 24 years that are catching up to me, so I want to thank every person that makes a stupid choice even thought they've asked for advice, I'd like to thank every bully and everybody that's constantly trying to bring people down because we have something we want to do and have a dream, and I want to thank every idiot out there; people who can't park; people who cut in line; people who don't put stuff back where they belong when they change their mind in stores. You guys show us decent people what not to do, who not to be, and each day you give us something to be thankful for: our brains.
If you however are one of these unfortunate people that can't think for themselves and can only cares about yourself then here's what you can do:

  • Look up and realise that you're not the only person in this world, and that other people also have places to be and people to meet. This isn't a game, where the rest of us just disappears when you turn around or change level, we're still here.
And that's all I wanted to say today, thank you.

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