Christmas fair wasn't all that.. fair.

Merry early Christmas, guys!
So as you know, Christmas is less than a month away for most people. I start to celebrate December 16th this year because we usually visit my mom's side of the family the weekend before Christmas which is really nice, we always end up having a good time, and we get to eat Christmas food, so I'm really happy.
I love Christmas probably more than I love some of my family members, and me and mom talked about it today because she pointed out that I'm the one in the family that is always over hyped, super happy, extremely excited about Christmas, which I am. But it's probably not the idea of Santa coming over and lighting my tree on fire that excites me, but my parents got divorced when I was a kid and Christmas is probably the only time I can remember that our then small family (me, grandma, brother, dad and mom) got together and got along. Obviously I could be wrong and there could have been a lot more occations, but Christmas means a lot because that's when we were together as a family. I'm not sad at all about the divorce, it's never been a hard thing to cope with, but you do lose that regular closeness to some of your parents if you don't meet them daily. And then when a parent finds a new mate it gets a little more obvious that you don't have that safe space anymore. Anyway, so my point is that I like Christmas because I like having the people I love around me.

I woke up waaaayyyy too late today, again, which sucks because I was supposed to start on my new medication today. I'm supposed to take it at 10 am, but now I took it at around 3 pm to make sure that I didn't experience any of the side effects and that my mom was home and able to drive me to the hospital in case I did have any. The time since I took is has so far gone good which is really nice.
I played some computer games and then we got in our car and drove to a Christmas fair close to where we live. It's a tradition and I think we've ever only missed one of them so now we saved this year as well.
It's not a big thing, it's a closed off street with a couple of tents where you can buy lottery tickets to win food and chocolate and eel etc., you can buy food to eat there and then there's toys and a lot of people that you know but don't wanna say hi to. Then around 6 pm there's this "santa train" where a bunch of kids dressed in bags, packages, night gowns and santa costumes walk in a line with real candles which is totally not safe, and there's an orchestra walking behind them and then comes a santa that waves to people. It's a less fancy parade, but it's still nice because you get to go out and see people and hang out and it's a once a year thing so it's fine.

After that, we came home and made dinner and then I sat down to play Hearthstone and now I'm ready for bed because I'm super tired and my medication is supposed to tire me out these first days. I take them because of my bipolarity and they're an anti-depressant named Sertralin which has almost everything as a side effect. I've been on medications for my bipolarity for the last couple of years but this is the first time I'm trying anti-depressant so that's gonna be interesting and I'll keep you updated!

Good night guys
Good morning mom

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