First X-mas presents

Hey guys!
Yeah, so if you can't tell, this is a picture of me. Not a good one, I agree, but still.

I slept away the majority of the day again and then I went to Rebecca around 6.30 pm. We decided a couple of daysa go that we were gonna hang out a little, eat and talk since her fiancé was away on a work christamas dinner thing. We met up, bought pizza and went back to her place to watch a movie. Super nice and I've missed hanging out with her, since we usually only meet for like an hour once every other week and eat something quick in town before we both go our separate ways again. So today was pretty great.

I also got an early christmas present from her and her partner! We three went to the baptism last week together for our mutual friends baby, and then we had different choices of food afterwards and I chose hot dogs because I love it and I'm pretty basic. Afterwards they found this t-shirt with a hot dog on it and bought it for me. (And on the back is a brand logo for a company that mostly sell car parts, but they also serve hot dogs, which has now become their thing. And I don't know anything about cars, so this is perfect). I'm very happy for it because obviously they know me, and then I came home and showed my mom because I was so excited, and I asked her where she thought it was from and she said the company name right away. Because she and my brother bought the same t-shirt for me as a christmas present several weeks earlier and they've been trying to hide it because they didn't want me to find out. It's such a small thing but it really shows that the people I love and care about do the same for me, and it's such a specific t-shirt so it's amazing that they both bought it. So thankful for my real friends and family.

Hope everybody reading this has had a great saturday as well and now in a couple of minutes it's gonna be first advent sunday so we'll hopefully put up some christmas decorations tomorrow.

Love you guys
Love you mom, and thanks for the t-shirt


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