Hey guys!
When you're going to learn anything, ANYTHING, wikiHow is the way to go. If you're unfamiliar with the site; google anything you want to learn and a link to the page usually shows up. A good example is this link, that tells you everything basic about writing good stories, (and it's also where I borrowed the picture).
This page has five parts; Getting Inspired, Improving Your Story Writing Skills, Developing Your Story, Revising Your Story, and Sample Excerpts.

Now, the fun thing to do if you're not that into writing (either at all, or you're just not into it right now), go to the page, then under Explore you press Random Article. I got the article How to Plan and Birthday Party the first time, which is made up of THREE parts, including Getting Ready for the Party. There's also How to Eat Papaya Seeds, and How to Sleep with a Cold.

Hope you guys are great today, and don't forget to comment below if you find something fun or interesting on wikiHow!

Picture borrowed from

Etiketter: writing useful fun help


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