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Hey guys!
Right now I'm watching the series The Last Kingdom on Netflix. It's about a kid that's been kidnapped and raised by vikings, and his father was a lord before their fort was attacked, so he has the right to that title and then he has to go back now that he's an adult. Long story short; it's like Game of Thrones but a little nicer.
I've only seen 23 minutes so far but it looks promising.

So what's new? Weeeell, I started taking a new medication about a week ago, and it's an anti-depressant called Sertralin and these pats ~3 days have been pretty fucking great. I don't know if it's because of the pills or because life decided to give me a freaking break, but everything has been good and I've been happy. So right now it's like is this the way "normal" people feel all the time? That's amazing! But at the same time, my family is suffers a lot of bad luck, and it's always something new that it pretty minor, then when everything's fine for a couple of days, something big usually happens. So right now it's like will something bad happen or am I just feeling good because of my pills?
Both today and yesterday was spent cleaning and putting up Christmas decorations, and today I've also done some laundry and done the dishes, so that feels nice. I also haven't been sitting at my computer until now in the evening.

Just wanted to update you all on what I've been doing and now I'm gonna go back to my show.
Love you guys
Love you mom

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