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Hey guys!
So the tip of the week that I want to share with you is to have some kind of writing tool on your phone or your tablet.
We got two free Microsoft Office subscriptions when we bought our tablets a couple of years ago, and got access to the whole Office which now also includes Word for your phone or tablet. It's an amazing app, simple to use and whenever I'm out and I get an idea I just open up the app and write away. It works great with your OneDrive as well as OneNote so you can easily access your documents and notes anywhere you are. My free subscription ended this September, and it cost me about $76 to renew it for a year. If you're not into paying for a whole year, you can pay per month instead.

Whether you're into Office or you're more of an Apple fan (I know a lot of creators are), having a program that you can use on-the-go is an amazing tool and I highly suggest installing one.
If you don't want to pay at all, there are several other apps and programs that you can use instead that are also pretty great; JotterPad, Writer Plus, and Writer.

Love you guys
Love you mom

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