The Last Kingdom; series review

Hey guys!
So I recently wrote that I was watching a show called The Last Kingdom, and when I wrote it, I had watched maybe like half an hour.
Usually I play computer games or write or just google around while watching tv, but I was completely unable to do that while watching this show. I closed the laptop lid and just watched. And then I saw another episode, then another episode.. I just got done with season 2, and season 3 is supposed to be released late 2018 so that feels pretty hard.

The show is about a man, Uthred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon), who gets kidnapped as a child, then later adopted, by the danes (viking), when they arrive in Northumbria, and is raised like a dane along with his adoptive sister Thyra and Ragnar the Younger. Before being adopted, he lived with his family in Bebbanburg, which is a castle/minor kingdom which his father ruled before being killed by the danes. Therefore, Uthred has a birthright to rule Bebbanburg, which is the main goal in the show, but to re-claim the castle from his uncle, who works together with a rivaling group of danes, he has to serve King Alfred, whose goal is to unite the seven separate kingdoms into one - England.
The series is set in late 9th century, before England was born, and is built around actual historical events so there's a lot to learn from it; how it was to live during that time, how society works and most importantly, how England came to be. Uthred, however, is ficitional.

The series is re-written for tv and based on the books by Bernard Cornwell, and they're called The Saxon Stories. So far there's 10 books released, and each tv season is built on two books. The books are each about 350-400 pages, so they are very slimmed down to be able to fit into four episodes per book, since there's only eight episodes per season. Each episode is about an hour. I would love to read the books as well, so that's definitely my next book-purchase goal.

Now, if you're not into blood, gore and some sexual violence, this show is not for you. There's a lot of fights and wars, and it reminds a lot of fantasy but without the actual fantasy parts.
I give this show 6 out of 5 stars and if you're into Game of Thrones or Vikings then this is the next show for you. It's honestly such a freaking good show.
If you're looking for further proof of how good it is, it scored a whopping 92% on Rotten Tomatoes!

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