A slow week

Hey guys!
I haven't posted i three days now because absolutely zero has happened since last time. I've barely written anything, I haven't been outside and I've spent all my time either sleeping or playing games. Don't know why, this is just the way it is sometimes.

Tomorrow is thursday, which means that I am going to visit my psychiatrist, buy some Christmas presents and play some Pokémon Go because there's no Pokéstops where I live so I have to go into town to be able to get new stuff. A little boring, takes some time, but it's worth it. I think it's fun, which is why I keep playing it.

I don't have anything planned for friday so far, but we're celebrating Christmas with my grandpa on saturday. Then sometimes next week I'm celebrating with Rebecca; exchanging gifts and eat together, nothing big. And then, of course, there's the real Christmas, which I'll be celebrating at home with my mom and brother as usual. I don't complain.

So what's new besides this? Snow hit us for the first time this year! Since I live in the southern part of Sweden, we get snow later than the rest of Sweden. Everything was completely snow covered yesterday morning, so me and Sebastian played with Polly in the yard which was such an amazing sight. She really loves snow, and she's so freaking beautiful when she's all happy and playful. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures because we wanted to live "in the moment" (we were too lazy to go inside and get our phones).

Love you guys
Love you mom


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