I'm sick! (More than the obvious)

Hey guys!
As the title says; I am sick! Haven't been this sick in years so I'm guessing that I get all the other years health retroactively now. To start my rant I would like to say that I've had mucus in the throat for a couple of days, so I knew that something was up, and then today I made the freaking biggest mistake you can make when you already have a throat filled with disgusting mucus: I went outside, wore to little clothes and walked around for hours.

Today I had a doctor's appointment concerning a lump I found in my "below-area", and I was so scared that I was cancer because we have a lot of cancer in my family. Turns out that I have a minor gland problem in my groin. Absolutely nothing deadly, serious or something to worry about.

After the visit I decided to take a walk around town to get some pokéballs before heading home. If you don't know how it works; you go to certain locations, usually landmarks, that are "marked" as a gym or a stop. You get to the mark, spin a "coin" and get pokéballs, berries and other goodies. I was out for one and a half hour, in snow and ice, open coat because I don't think things through, completely bare neck and throat and I strained myself pretty hard. On my way home my ear started to hurt, and by the time I got home, both ears, throat and head hurt. I went to sleep for a couple of hours and I woke up recently and it was even worse. I can barely speak, swallowing either mucus, food or drinks are unbareable, cold air hurts when I breath and everything is pounding. So, so tired of this already.

Now I'm gonna try and soften the pain with ginger tea and honey, so wish me the best!
Love you guys, don't go out in the cold weather undressed!
Love you mom, the same goes for you!

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