Writing Exercise: Music as Inspiration

Hey guys!
I've been slow af lately but I thought I'd share an "easy" (easier) way to get your inspiration flowing using music. Something commonly known when it comes to writing is that the more you write, the easier it gets because your inspiration is starting to flow better and you get "in the zone". One way to do this is by doing small writing exercises, and for this example I'm using music.

So what you're gonna do is find a song that has a point or a story, and then write a story based on that song. A great example is Cats in the Cradle by either Harry Chapin or Ugly Kid Joe, and it's about a dad who's too busy to think enjoy his son's childhood and the son keeps asking when his dad is coming home, but the dad never knows but he promises that when he does, they'll hang out. The kid promises that he's gonna be like his dad when he grows up because like most kids do, he admires his dad. The dad eventually gets old, as well as the son, and now the when he has time to hang out, the son is always away but promises that they'll be together when he has time.
Another example can be Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac, These Dreams by Heart, and Fly by Night by Rush.
Also note that this absolutely doesn't have to be a long story; it can be just 500 words, but it can also turn in to a complete story with 300 pages and suddenly you've created a bestseller! (Pretty sure you're gonna have to pay the artist/s though unless you keep your inspiration a secret).



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