Down with the sickness and movie time!

Hey guys!
I complained in my last post about being sick, aaaand I still am. It's actually worse now because it literally hurts - a lot. Everything I do hurts; breathing, eating, sneezing... I had hoped that the worst would have passed by now because I don't want to spread it to other people and I just really want a good, healthy Christmas. I think I was sick last Christmas as well with something similar, and mom had to wake me up when we were gonna eat and unwrap gifts and I just don't want to have it like that this year as well, BUT THEN it turns out that I spread it to my mom as well. Sorry mom.

I spent the day buying the last of the Christmas presents and I just got done wrapping them. I honestly didn't think that we were gonna celebrate this year because this year has been so hectic that I haven't really understood how close we actually are to Christmas. Then it hit me like yesterday that we have to get ready if we wanna celebrate. I put up the Christmas tree, decorated it, baked 128 Swedish saffron buns (recipe is coming up), bought gifts, wrapped gifts, the whole shebang.
Like I said in the last post I have been getting questions about Swedes and Christmas so I want to do a separate post about our Christmas at a later point (hopefully tomorrow or Christmas), but I just.. I haven't gotten to it yet.

Our Netflix account has been used a lot lately, and I've watched a couple of "new" (to me) comedians as well as some movies, so I thought I'd recommend them for you guys.
I literally got done with the movie The Haunting Of Helena like three minutes ago, and it's about a young girl who starts to lose her baby teeth and then the "tooth fairy" shows up. Helena (the girl) starts to act strangely and her mother thinks that she's just acting weird, until she meets the fairy too. I saw the trailer and thought this movie is gonna be pure garbage, but it was actually really good and although there's not any super duper known actors and it's not "grand", it's surprisingly well done. It's 84 minutes long and even though it's set in Italy, they do speak English so do not fear.
The second movie (which I've watched several times before because it's kinda "soft horror" so it's nice to have on while you're playing) is Neverlake, which is about another young girl who visits her father in Italy (sensing a theme, guys) and while there, her complete world turns upside down and everything she thought was real was complete bogus. 86 minutes long, speaks English and it's a good gateway to heavier horror movies.
Standup comedy is something I love. LOVE. My Netflix list is probably 80% standup and I recently found a standup special with Judd Apatow which is sooo amazing. I've watched it probably three times already and I'm trying to convince my mom to watch it with me because she's usually not into standup and Judd's standup is very clean, family friendly but still very grown up and I just recommend it so so much. The trailer makes it look a little too serious than it actually is though, so keep that in mind. One thing that bothers me when it comes to some standup comedians are the ones who completely relies on sex jokes. Sex is easy to make fun of, so I don't see that as a great achievement so if you're able to have a whole special without joking about sex too much, then that's really a win in my book.
Not usually into Judd's movies, but his standup was so great and it feels like you really get to know him.

I'm gonna go and take a nap now before going to bed (what?), but a Christmas post is on it's way, and Christmas IS on it's way so MERRY CHRISTMAS (or HAPPY HOLIDAYS if you don't celebrate).

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