364 days left for Christmas!

Yep, let's start counting down right away!
Hey guys!
So Christmas is (finally) over. Like I've said I haven't had the Christmas spirit this year, and neither has my family, so we didn't make a big deal out of it.
Ate some food, surprisingly not too much like we usually do, opened presents and then we kinda went our separate ways. I ended up watching TV, which is also uncommon in our household because we mostly watch Netflix. I saw "Say yes to the dress bridesmaids" which is an absolute garbage show. It's about a bunch of bridesmaids visiting a shop with the bride and then they all have to decide on the dresses and they always argue, someone always cries and someone always like omg I can't believe you're willing to sacrifice our friendship because of your wedding, how could you.
I also saw FirstBorn, which is about a couple who get pregnant and then their kid is haunted by something that is driving her family crazy. There's not really much happening in the movie, the plot is pretty basic but it's still worth the time.
I also (unfortunately) watched The Family Stone, which airs every Christmas, and it's driving me mad because the movie is 110% cringe and I feel sorry for Sarah Jessica Parker's character and I just hate it. I hate that movie. But I still watch it.

I just got done watching Temple, which is a movie about three Americans who visits Japan because one of them likes temples and another is a film maker and the third one is an asshole boyfriend to the first one. I'm gonna spoil the movie now so if you want to see it, don't read this. They go to Japan, they're all awkward, one of them (Chris) speaks Japanese and he tries to buy a book that is written about a haunted temple which they're dying to go to because the characters are somewhat stupid. Chris sees a kid several times, and despite this kid clearly being able to teleport, Chris thinks nothing of it. He likes this kid and the kid leads them up to the temple from the little village they sleep in, in the middle of nowhere. An old man ran up there when he was a kid, and came back down holding his eyeballs in his hands, and still they go up there. Supposedly, several kids went up there and never came back down, and then the villagers went up and found a monk living there and killed him. The americans and the boy sees a kitsune, which is a human/fox hybrid, that later comes alive and kills the rude boyfriend in a cave, where his girlfriend, the temple lover, also runs in to help her boyfriend James. In the meantime, Chris is attacked first by the ghost/spirit/demon of a monk and he runs back into the temple where a bunch of the same kid climbs through the floor and stare at him, despite having no eyes, and growl with their super long pointy teeth before attacking him and leaving him disfigured.
We get to follow the story progress via a questioning, where a police officer/military/teacher/professor/we don't know, questions a guy in a wheelchair with a crazy disfigured face and body sitting in a wheelchair wrapped in plastic. Together they watch some film that Chris (the supposed wheelchair man) recorded that showed that Chris killed James, which doesn't make sense. And then he finds out that this kid was actually a ghost/demon/spirit/we don't know, so he gets up (which is weird since he's a fucking wrech at the start of this interrogation), stabs a translator in the neck with a pen and then runs out. If you read all of this, then you now know what happened in the movie. It doesn't make sense and it bothers me. I don't like open endings, but especially not this one since we don't get any info at all. There's nothing. And apparently it isn't just me either, since the entire internet seems to wonder what the frick happened. So save yourself some 78 minutes and watch literally anything else.

Now I'm gonna sleep, but I'll try to write soon again.
Love you guys!
Love you mom!


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