Animals on Netflix (and one of my favorite animals)

Hey guys!
When I'm bored I usually watch some documentary on Netflix. This is not a paid post, I just really like documentaries and thought I'd write a little about the ones that I like.
Netflix currently has a theme called "72... animals". There's three types;

  • 72 Cutest Animals in the world
  • 72 Dangerous Animals Latin America
  • 72 Dangerous Animals Australia
Each episode is about 45 minutes, and there's 12 episodes per theme. Each episode consists of a countdown list that ranks 6 animals, and then one move on the either the cutest or the most dangerous top list. I like the concept, it's very simple, there's a lot of info about the animals and the pictures and video clips are stunning. And best of all; Polly loves watching it with me!

I decided to write this small post yesterday when I found a picture of a Maned Wolf, which are native to Latin America (specifically Brazil, Paraguay, northern Argentina, Bolivia east and north of the Andes, and far southeastern Peru). I love this animal so, so much because it's basically just a weird, wonderful mix of animal parts. It has the legs of a deer, body of a fox, and behaviour of a wolf.

Picture borrowed from WWF.

Picture borrowed from Shamans Wiki.

Unfortunately, these gorgeous animals are near endangered status, which is devatastating. To help them continue living in their natural habitat you can donate to several different animal preservation programs, or even adopt a wolf from Endangered Wolf Center. (Note, you don't actually get the wolf, I looked it up).

So, watch the shows, adopt a wolf, and please comment what your favorite animals are!
Love you guys
Love you mom

Head picture borrowed from Netflix.


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