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Hey guys!
I had a pretty good evening until now; me, mom and Sebastian played a PC game that we played many, many years ago. The game is called Sverigespelet (or The Swedish Game), and is about a group of musicians looking for a drummer, and then each player has to find a drummer. You walk around the playing field, which is a map of Sweden and every major-ish city, answer questions, work, travel and look for clues. After you've found your drummer, you head to the band and whoever gets there with their drummer first, wins. Fun game, it was released year 2000, and it made for a good evening. We also watched Honey Boo Boo, and Extreme Couponers.
We had a shitload of food for dinner, some of it wasn't great but not everything is a win when you try new stuff. Me and mom had semi-home-made pizza (pre-made which we heated in the oven because we're lazy and I'm totally cool with that), my brother had ostrich and kangaroo because a store close to us sold it surprisingly cheap and he likes to try weird stuff. We also bought fried chicken, chicken being the best thing in the world for me. The ostrich was.. Not great. It was like brown-ish chicken but a lot rubber-ish and it tasted a little sad. The kangaroo was like wild boar, but not as tasty. The chicken, though! GARBAGE! It was fat as frick, it smelled like feet and I felt both disgusted and disgusting while eating it. Over-all not a great experience.

Then I went online, I looked through Youtube, read some news and I came across this absolutely aweful incident that happened a couple of days ago. I'm only going to write briefly about it and you can find a full interview with the person responsible for this here, among other places, but I need to get this off my chest. A couple of days ago, a 32 year old parent of two kids was shot dead because of a failed attempt at swatting. Swatting is when you call in a threat (bomb threat, hostage situation, etc.) to the police, who then sends a SWAT team to the address you have given them. This is a popular thing to do online because people think that it's "fun" or "creative" or "shows that you're superior to the person being swatted", you're "pranking" them. And I'm putting quotation marks because swatting is the absolute opposite of these words. Not only is it dangerous, it takes up both time and resources from several different instances, such as the SWAT team, in some cases a bomb team, the closest hospital gets a call about potentially recieving a large amoung of patients and has to prepare for that, which can then delay the emergency help for other patients, and so on.
Back to the story; two Call of Duty players, ON THE SAME TEAM, had a bet of some sort for $1,5. They both thought that the other person did something wrong, and started to argue about it. Then one of them says that he's going to swat the other player, who then pushes for him to do it, and even releases his address. A "professional" swatter, got the request to swat this player with the address given. The swatter calls 911, sounds hysterical and says that he just killed his dad, holding his mother and brother hostage in a closet and that he has a gun. He also threatens the police to pour gasoline on the house and set the whole thing on fire. Gives the address. A team shows up at the door of the player, and when he opens they shoot him down because they thought he had a gun. Obviously the police could, and should, have handled it differently, but the fault lies with the swatter. The biggest tragedy? The 32 year old man they shot was not the player. He was innocent, didn't play anything and he was completely surprised by the cops. The address the player had given was completely random.

The swatter is now under arrest for death by proxy, fake threats, and a bunch of other stuff. Then it comes out that the same guy, who enjoys doing this, also swatted a big Call of Duty tournament by calling in a bomb threat. They had to evacuate an arena because of this, and it cost a shit ton of money for every party besides him. Still, the guy doesn't at all feel like the blame lies with him, he's just doing what he likes and "it wasn't like I pulled the trigger or held the gun, I just did what I got paid to do". No, he didn't pull the trigger, but if he hadn't made the phone call and put the cops or this man in this situation, he wouldn't have died. This situation only happened because of him. Again and again he says that he's not to blame, putting the blame on him is debatable and especially, several times, saying that putting him in jail isn't going to bring the dead man back, so why do it since it wouldn't "justify" it.

This news is gonna get twisted around many, many times and it's gonna open up for debate on several different topics that aren't related to this incident. What happened here was that two petty guys argued over a pathetic amount of money, then a man called a in a SWAT team to prank someone, and then the police that recieved the call didn't check the caller number, nor the address they were given, drove there, shot and killed a man that they thought was armed.
We're now gonna hear

  • gaming is dangerous and we should ban it because it ruins the brains of the youth!!!
  • police are so full of themselves and shoot first and ask questions later, typical American gun violence!!!
  • millenials are ruining the world by thinking they can get away with anything!!! If only they were spanked into obedience and respect, but no, we have to hover over them and do everything for them, then this is what happens.
And the worst part about this is that these discussions aren't the least relevant. Somebody lost their live. A mother lost her son. Two kids lost their father.
Millenials aren't ruining the world, in fact, we're trying to restore what was left when it was given to us in a very poor condition. Yes, gun violence is a big problem, especially in the US, but not all of the cops are bad people, and in these situations when they think that someone just killed a person, is hysterical and is holding somebody hostage, as well as carrying a gun, they have to react quickly based on what they know. It was a bad call, but we have to take into consideration how they experienced the situation with the information they had while going into it.
Gaming ruining people is a really bad lie. In fact, many studies have shown that gaming can be very good for you; it helps you develop and maintaining your memory, you get faster reflexes, think more problem solving and strategical, as well as develope a moral backbone. This is not gamings fault. People going out and hurting or killing other people because they have seen it in a game, isn't doing it because of the game, they're doing it because there's something wrong with them. They have a very serious issue, that would probably almost definitely show itself sooner or later either way, but it gets blamed on gaming because it's easier to blame something that we're still researching, and something that is new to especially the older generation that doesn't understand the appeal, than blame humans being flawed. People who do bad shit didn't get these thoughts from gaming, but they had these thoughts before.

This is just my take on this whole thing, it's been a long time since I did a political- or news related post but I wanted to put my two cents in because like I said, this is going to get a lot of attention and it's going to open up for a lot of debates that aren't necessary in this case.
It's currently 01:29 a.m. and I'm getting ready for bed because ever since I started taking my anti-depressant medication I have fallen asleep much earlier, and woken up earlier as well.
My point in this post is that chicken tastes weird, ostrich is not worth the money, and before you do something stupid that might seem harmless, think it through hard to make sure that nothing can go wrong and, possibly, affect someones life. If you do find yourself in a situation where somebody got hurt because of you, own up to it because that's the least you can do. It can also help people move on and they deserve it. The only thing stopping you from not being a douchebag is you.

Love you guys
Love you mom
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