Happy New Year!

Hey guys!
I hope that you all had a great New Years Eve and that you're prepared to take the new year by storm.
We didn't really celebrate, we usually don't, so our night was pretty chill. I took my New Years Eve shower right before 12 which felt great. That sounds weird, and it sounds like I only shower once a year, but it's my little tradition because I like to enter the new year clean and ready to go.

Unfortunately it wasn't all fun and games yesterday because our dog can't handle fireworks. In Sweden we have a law that only allows you to shoot fireworks between 4 p.m. new years eve, to 4 a.m. new years day. Unless you have a permit, this is all the time you have to shoot during the entire year. For other countries this might seem strange because it's such a small time frame, but we have to think about the fact that humans aren't alone on this earth, and shooting fireworks affects a lot more than just us. Wild animals, pets like Polly, people with heart diseases, elderly people. So by having this specific time set up, you get a chance to prepare. For us, it's prepare Polly for the fireworks, like make a bed for her in a room that is gonna be least affected, roll down the curtains, play loud music, and in some cases give her soothing medication. But then there's always people who start to shoot weeks before new year which just fucks up everything for Polly. She gets scared of going outside, she shakes, she stops eating, has diarrhea, and this goes on for a long time since they start to shoot so early.
So if you're gonna light some fireworks this year, please think of everyone it affects.

So like I said, we didn't celebrate much, but right before 12 me and mom went out and talked to some neighbors. We ended up standing with them for way too long and were freezing when we got inside. I'm assuming that my neighbors don't read my blog because I can see where my readers are from and there's not that many Swedes reading. We did have a long talk about our current Home Owners Association, which I don't think I've mentioned before. What happened was that we had a great working system before and our HOA steadily made our houses increase in value over time, as well as gaining money to our HOA so that we can have extra perks and be guaranteed various services in case something happens or breaks. But then, some new people moved in and basically said hey, this is boring, we should overthrow the current HOA people and then dabble in something we have zero idea about. So these new neighbors decided to kick out the previos chairman and the rest of the crew, and then just fricked everything up. Besides this there's been a lot of shadiness and strange behavior that cannot be defended and a lot of us are pretty sick of seeing our houses decrease in value and things not adding up. There's also gonna be a big meeting on january 16, so I'll probably update you about that at a later point. Either way, this is what's happening in my life right now, we went from one big custody battle to a HOA fight so life is never boring.

Besides all of this, I watch a couple of movies last night and I want to recommend one for you guys; Clinical. The movie is about a therapist that focuses on trauma patients, until she herself goes through a horrific thing. She stops working with trauma patients but decides to take on one last patient, which turns her life upside down completely. I've tried to watch it before but turned it off after about 20 minutes because the beginning is pretty boring, but it turned out to be really good and unpredictable and I'm happy that I saw it.
There's a lot of blood in it, but it's not like a slasher movie, the blood is only used when it has the most effect so it's not really bothering me. Watch it, enjoy it, and tell me what you think in the comment section down below.

Love you guys
Love you mom

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