Story time: An asshole hit me in the store today

Hey guys!
First of all; I fucking hate the term "story time", it only sets you up for disappointment and it's complete lickbait bullshit. But since I'm a hypocrite I'm going to use it either way.

The day has been good so far, it's 7:42 pm right now and I'm waiting for my brother to wake up from his nap so we can go for a Pokémon walk.
I met up with my best friend Rebecca today and we went shopping and ate lunch together. We went to a chinese restaurant that we usually go to when we want asian food, and as always, I took the spiciest meal I could find because I'm stupid. It was to the point when my nose started running and I felt tears building up. We then walked around Helsingborg and found a store that has like fun party things/candy/interior decorating stuff and they had a 70% off sale because they're closing down. Of course we went in, found some stuff and found some not so nice people and I get mad just thinking about it. We've all seen clips of women fighting because two people want the same thing at a sale and there's only one item left and they go berserk. One incident was that I reached in to grab an item on a shelf, there were five left and my hand is literally in the air about to grab it, just centimeters away from the item, and a woman comes up and fucking hits my hand then reaches in to take all five of the items. She manages to take three of them and then I, the petty asshole that I am, hit her hand back and took the last two before she could take them too. The thing is that I didn't do anything to her and I don't even know what she wanted with this item because when I left the store SHE WENT AND PUT THE ITEMS BACK ON THE SHELF.
The second incident was with Rebecca, and she had taken a fold-able laundry basket or something and was carrying it to the register and a lady comes up to her and asks where she found it. Rebecca said that she found it *somewhere* and pointed and said that there were only one left. The woman then started to say loudly that the item was hers and that she had hid it because she had to leave the store and then come back to buy it and tried to take it from Rebecca. What in the actual..
Here's the thing; Swedes care a lot about respect, especially when it comes to rules. Don't break a rule because we will shun you. Don't cut in line, don't make a scene, don't be loud or rude and don't break any rules. Me and Rebecca stood in line, and a woman comes over to us (we were the next in line, a long ass line), and says "I stood in front of you so this is my spot" and Rebecca was like "no you left the line, you have to get in the back again", and this woman continued to be so fucking loud and SCREAM that it was her turn before ours and that we had to let her go before us. Rebecca doesn't budge, the lady gets angry, then other people in the line joins in. "No, you left the line, and besides, you cut in line to stand in front of this girl before you left it so that's not your place". Everybody was furious at this woman and it was just such a crazy thing to witness, and then she pushed Rebecca. She didn't fall, I grabbed her because she fell my way, but still.
Holy hell what a day.

I'm incredibly sore after working out now two days in a row. Yes, it sounds stupid, but I am sore. I haven't worked out since I left my gym like 6 years ago, so doing four programs per day now is killing me. Still, I worked out today as well, through the pain, and it feels good to have done it.

Unfortunately I haven't written in a couple of days, even though I'm on a strict "2000 words á day" schedule. I haven't felt inspired and I have been thinking about a lot of other stuff, but my writing will pick up again soon and I'll come with more writing tips when it does. Bear with me.


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