Hey guys!
I am so fucking cold, holy hell. It's currently winter in Sweden, like it usually is this time of year, but the weather seemed to be getting warmer and sunnier just a couple of days ago so everybody was preparing for spring. Then Boreas (the Greek God of nothern wind, aka cold weather), decided that nope, these poor Swedes should suffer some more, and so he turned our lovely spring into snow, rain and cold again.
Right now I'm curled up in our couch with blankets and warm clothes because our heating pan never seems to work in the winter. It's not just ours though, a lot of our neighbors have complained about it over the years. It's common for us to have 17°C during the winter which is freezing. At times we've had down to 14°C (57°F) because the heat died. Of course I'm happy that we have a roof over our heads and four walls to keep some warmth in, but it would be nice with a little more, without sounding selfish.

Yesterday I found the show Good Christian Bitches (GCB, or Good Christian Belles), that I've been looking for a while now. There's only ten episodes and it's about a woman who loses her husband and money and is forced to move her and her kids back in with her mom in Dallas, from LA. Then there's some cute drama with southern accent and country soundtrack, and bright colors. It's a cute show. You can find the trailer for it here, and watch the full season here. No virus, but there is pop up ads everytime you start a new episode. Unfortunatel, the series wasn't renewed and there's only 10 episodes, and not a season ending.

Last week I also read a book for my "one book per week" challenge thing, and I chose Pin Down by Teresa Cooper. Thought I'd upload a review of it soon, but I have to re-gain some warmth in my fingers to do so. So, new book this week, don't know which one yet though.

Other than that, there's nothing much new, but I hope you guys are great
Love you guys
Love you mom

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