I'm sick!

Good evening, guys!
I know that it seems like I'm sick all the time, and that's because I am. I get sick very easily and then it stays with me for way too long. I started to feel sick around december 14 and since then it's been up and down, but never totally good, and then yesterday we were outside in the rain for more than 50 minutes and then I started to feel funny when we came home. I had felt a little bit before we went out as well, but it got a lot worse later on. It turns out that I now have sinusitis, which, if you don't know, is a nightmare.
Basically it's when a common cold is already in your body and then you somehow get a virus in your sinus and based on what side it is, it's gonna fucking hurt. It's common with heavy headache, a tingling-burning-soreness feeling in your skin that gets so much worse when you move around or accidentally touches your face. It starts to hurt on your chin and around- and behind your eye, and your nose is running and then the next second it's stuffed. It's also common that your gum and mouth starts to hurt. Bright light and loud noises, as well as heat and cold hurts you. And I've been shifting between standing outside in the freezing weather, to sitting in a warm car and everything hurts right now. 
I know I shouldn't complain because it could be a lot worse, but this is kinda breaking me a little.

My day has been okay besides the sinusitis; I slept for a long time, even for me, and then me and mom watched Extreme Couponing togheter, and if you don't know what that is, it's basically people going in with a shitton of paper cutouts and then empty a store without paying. And it's fucking legal. HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK. These people, usually women for some reason, have often been in a financially hard situation and to get out of that they decide to start using coupons. And then it becoms an obsession and they buy the weirdest stuff because they have coupons on it. Like 800 tictac boxes, 140 soda bottles, 30 kg pasta or 50 bottles of dish soap.
These people have a whole room, basement or sometimes even an entire apartment dedicated to their findings. It's always stocked up nicely and it looks like a real store. One woman said in the episode we just watched "I'm not a hoarder, because my stuff isn't dusty", and I feel like no that's actually not at all how this works. She had groceries worth like $30 000 and went "well I don't hoard", no yeah you do. Put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig.
I get so steaming mad whenever I watch that show, which is why I watch it, because when you see a great deal on maybe soda bottles, you go "I'll buy five instead of three because I know that I'm gonna drink it sooner or later", you don't go "OH, cheaper soda bottles, guess I'll buy every fucking bottle in this store so that nobody else can buy it, even though I don't need 9000 bottles of diet coke because I only drink sparkling water". People buy stuff they don't even need, WHO DOES THAT.

After EC me and mom went to a PokéGym nearby because I got an EX raid-invite a week ago, and all of us that were invited went together, which was super fun. There also might have been a cute guy, and we also might be meeting at the next one because we both got invites, so I hope he doesn't read this. Pls don't.
Then me and mom went shopping, bought a bright blue, plastic Christmas tree because why not, and now I've made pizza and getting ready to eat.
I hope you guys are safe and healthy and that you're able to avoid sinusitis.


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