Is eating meat justified?

Hey guys!
My facebook is currently swarming with people arguing about eating meat so I thought I'd try and voice my opinion about it.

I'm not gonna drag Aspergers into this, but I do have a problem with eating pre-mixed food, and try new stuff. I know that this is something I've talked with my doctors about and they're like "yep, it's because of Aspergers". Because of this, I don't like soup unless I do it myself, stew, etc. I also don't like to try new food, especially fruit and vegetables, which I stopped eating at one point and then I just haven't been able to try it again. It sucks but it's like there's this barrier that refuses to let me try new stuff. I can't do it.
Because of this, I'm "stuck" with pasta, potatoes, rice, chicken, meat and fish basically. And this is great, I'm very blessed to have food.

Back to the point; there's been a lot of arguing about if it's right, or justified to kill an animal for your own gain. A part of me (a pretty big part actually) does think that it's morally wrong to kill an animal. We aren't God, we shouldn't be "allowed" to play God with other living beings lives. It's wrong and the world does not revolve around us. I guess this is where my belief comes in, which I don't think I've talked about before.
I believe in respect. That's it, it's the only thing you need. My religion is respect. Respect the people around you (not hurt them, rape them, lie to them, respect their stuff, etc.), respect nature and try to pick up after yourself, go by bus or bike if possible, and try to leave as little of a trace in nature of you as possible. Respect animals; don't hunt for fun or for fur, if you're gonna hunt, raise livestock or eat meat in general, you should always honor the animal by using the whole animal. There's a lot of food on a cow for example, lots of "great" pieces of meat and some "not so great" pieces. You can make stew etc on them. Then there's parts that can go into candy, there's parts that can go into dog food, there's parts that can be used for other stuff like glue or something too. Then there's the cowhide, which is also useful. So what I'm saying is, use the entire animal to honor it. It might not save the animal from being killed but if we don't let it go to waste, then it's like there's still some meaning to it.

Another thing that you can, and should, think about is how the animal lived. Always try to buy meat from locally sourced farmers that you know takes good care of their animals. Often times, the meat that you buy from the super market has been shipped around all over which affects nature, and the animals have lived in small cages without being able to move around and see the sunlight and have their kids taken away from them way too soon. It's a little more expensive for the "right" kind of meat, so I know that it's not always an option, we struggle with this as well from time to time, but when you can, please buy locally sourced meat from free ranged animals. This also helps the smaller farmers grow and keep their businesses instead of the massive meat industry taking over.

On the way of leaving this topic, I also want to point out that I absolutely hate, and I wish that people stopped doing this, eating "young meat". Calf meat. Those are still young animals that haven't had the time and chance to live a fairly okay life yet. And that's wrong in my opinion. This is not about your taste, it's about an animal being killed, you can at least give it a little life before it happens.

But does this only mean meat raised at a farm, walking on four legs? Nope, you should treat every animal with respect, and they shouldn't be force fed an extreme amount of food or have their feathers plucked while alive or anything like that. That's animal abuse, don't accept that.

But what about hunting, you may ask. Is that never okay? Of course it's okay! As long as it's for more than two purposes; fun, and fur. Don't do that.
In fact, I'd go as far as to say that hunting can seem better for animals than living at a farm. Think about a doe. Running around freely, and then one day when they least expect it, they die instantly, without pain (is what I hope happens because unecessary pain is completely useless). They've lived a natural, good, wild life.

So that's my take on all of this, if you're a vegan that's awesome, and if you eat meat that's great too, as long as you care about the animal. If you disagree then please comment below and tell me what you think!

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