Crippling Anxiety

Hey guys!
So you might have noticed that I'm on again/off again talkactive on this blog. It totally depends on how I feel, and it's not only the blog that suffers, unfortunately. I'm currently in a "negative phase" which is messing me up, especially with my upcoming birthday. I'm turning 25 in the end of April and the months before are always hard to get through because I feel like I'm wasting time not doing shit and getting nowhere. I am wasting time, we all are, and I need to change my way of thinking in order to start doing something with the time I've been given, but changing your way of thinking is often super hard. So that's where I am right now.

But let's talk writing, for once!
Because of my general health and depression and anxiety I've been really bad at writing these past months. It hurts a lot to admit it and knowing that I'm getting nowhere with my stories, but I've been trying to start writing again because I feel like a little bit of a spark is coming back to me. The one thing that have helped so far is to not over-do it or push myself too hard. It generally doesn't work out if you push your creative work too hard and focus on getting done, rather than creating a good piece. I'm taking my time and I'm doing a chapter here and there instead of focusing on the big picture, which feels a lot better.

And while we're on the subject of writing; I can't write the goddamn Twilight-review that I've been working on for what feels like forever. If you haven't seen it, I've started to write reviews of the weird stuff I watch, and I thought I'd write about the Twilight movies because I know them by heart, buuut I absolutely hate the first two movies. I have a pretty decent text so far but I need more to be able to post it with confidence, and I just can't. I have to re-watch it and I would rather drink a whole bottle of that disgusting medicin that I have to drink.
On the other hand, I've recently watched some awesome movies that I'm looking forward to writing about!

So what did we learn today? I'm very lazy and feel like shit and I use that excuse much too often, I've started to write again but my focus is on each individual chapter, instead of thinking that I have to write an entire book all at once, and that the first Twilight movie is absolute garbage. 3-5 are decent, but the first one... And also that it's surprisingly hard to kill your pets in Sims 4 Cats & Dogs.



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