How many shootings does it take?

This is aweful, I lack words.
Another school shooting took place today in Parkland, Florida. This happened at Stoneman Douglas High School, resulting in an estimated 20-50 wounded people, as well as multiple deaths. At least 14 are currently being treated at local hospitals due to serious injuries.

What differs from other shootings is that this time the shooter didn't have time to take his life, or get shot and killed, which is something that is pretty rare now it seems. When the shooter dies, we are not only left with so much death and damage, but also with the question "why?" Why did someone decide to go through with something this despicable?

According to the school, they had seen no indication that this was going to happen, no threat och call were ever made. Thankfully, the teachers had previously had training where they learned what they should do in this situation, which probably saved a lot more than would have been saved otherwise. But still, the fact that teachers now need that training is insane.

Both Melania and Donald Trump have sent out their thoughts and prayers on Twitter;

Bernie Sanders also took to Twitter to send his thoughts and prayers, as well as providing us with devastating statistics;

I don't know if this is really registering in your brains right now, because it sure as hell isn't in mine. This is absolutely insane. I remember watching a movie about the Columbine shooting that happened almost 20 years ago, and it just shook me that someone would do something this horrific, because in our minds, schools used to be this safe place where the worst that would happen are kids being dunked in the toilets for being too nerdy. Schools and pre-schools were safe, as they should be.
Columbine resulted in 15 deaths, and this alone should have been the wake up call that the US so desperately needed. Now, here we are, with a death toll of more than 230 since 2000-, and nothing has changed. So I am asking you; how many more will it take?

And not only schools, but bars, concerts, and more locations, how many more will it take before this is treated as a serious issue?
Yes, Sweden and the rest of the world has problems too, so why only go after the US? Because even when they look tragedy straight in the eye, they refuse to change anything. Unfortunately, the people are craving changes, demanding them, but the government isn't hearing it. The government, statistically, makes money off of guns and gun taxes. Money should never be considered worth more than a life.

So here we are today, with so far 18 school shootings since the beginning of 2018, but we're still no closer to a solution. I highly doubt that this is going to change anything, this is just going to be considered a great tragedy and people are going to grief for days, be angry for weeks, and then there's going to be something new that happens so we're distracted from the fact that kids still die because of gun violence. Then, this happens again, and we demand changes, and we repeat the cycle.

However, this is not the case for the classmates of the kids that died. The kids and teachers that felt the immense panic when they found out what was going on. The anxiety they faced while trying to find a good spot to hide to avoid being killed in school. This also isn't going to be forgotten by the families of the vicims, whether the victim is alive or dead. The parents, siblings and friends that are now forced to witness a loved one being lowered to the ground, or the pain they will feel when the birthday of the victim comes around and the only thing to celebrate is the empty chair left at the table.
I also want to take the time to share my sympathy with the family of the shooter, because not only are they shook too, but they're going to go through a whirlwind of hate from the community for something that they probably didn't know was going to happen, and that they might blame themselves for, even though they had no way of knowing what was going through the mind of the shooter.

Thoughts and prayers doesn't do much good, but the world stands behind the victims and their families, and you will never be alone. The only thing that could maybe make them feel better is if this situation was used to help pass a law about gun control, so that nobody else has to go through the pain of losing a loved one in this way.



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