Dreaming and falling

Hey guys!
It's been a couple of days for several reasons; 1, I am getting sick again. 2, I've been keeping busy working on parts of the page you currently can't see and 3, my mom's birthday is coming up and I am trying to make a cake for her. I love cakes, I love creating things in general and I love the idea of being able to create a beautiful cake BUT I am really bad at it. I've done so many flowers in gumpaste these past couple of days that I can barely move my fingers, and to top it all off, I've been outside in the freezing cold a lot as well so my fingers are in need of a break right now.

So what have I been up to? Well, I've been falling over a lot, among other things. I've been pretty unsteady for roughly a week now and it's starting to worry me and mom because something might be wrong, we don't know but we (obviously) hope it's not. Maybe I'm just clumsy. I think the first "big" fall was like four or five days ago when me, Polly and my brother Sebastian went for a walk and it had just rained and I wore my crocs and stood on the grass and slipped. I almost did a complete split, with my left leg full out and my right leg kinda folded underneath me. Hurt my ankle like hell. Then I've stumbled and tripped a couple of times, and today I fully fell into a sand playground. Like walk/falling-several-steps-before-slowly-laying-down-so-everybody-had-the-possibility-to-watch-it-happen-fall, in front of like 30 people, which brings us to the other thing I've been up to these past days.
We've been out playing Pokémon Go A LOT this weekend because it was Community Day in Pokémon so the event gave you a lot of extra stuff if you were active during that time, so me, mom and Sebastian went to some of our parks in Helsingborg and walked around, as well as two second hand/swap meet/fleamarkets which is always fun. We ended up buying Beautiful Creatures 1 and 2 because I haven't read them yet.

I've also watched a show called The Frankenstein Chronicles, which you can find on Netflix. I don't want to spoil too much but it is really awesome and I highly suggest you watch it. There's only like 6 episodes around 50 minutes each so just take a day and watch the whole thing. There's probably going to be a review on it at a later point but I like to see or read what I'm reviewing several times before actually posting my review so it's a later project.

And I also want to touch base on something that might seem silly with you guys. I have noticed that more and more people are appearing on my page. There's a somewhat big increase of visitors here and first of all; welcome, I'm super excited that you're here.
Although I'm very thankful for the opportunity to have a voice and be heard online, it is also a very scary thought. Obviously the idea of a blog is to write and have people read it, and that's my goal too, but it's just been me here and a few people dropping by every now and then, for so so long, so it's scary to know that people are now frequent visitors.
If you are new here you need to know that I (obviously) don't post daily. Sometimes my mental health takes the better of me and sometimes I don't have enough time for it, but there's always an update within 5 days or so.

Lastly; me and mom visited Helsingborg Dreamlight Exhibit in the middle of February, and we watched a piece called Chatty Walls, which was projected onto our city hall and it showed Helsingorg's history. I filmed it and uploaded it to Youtube and you can watch it below. If you have any questions then just fire away and I'll answer as soon as possible.

Love you guys
Love you mom


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