Birthday time! + My big Cake Mistake

Hey guys!
Today was my mom's birthday, she turned 54 which is really weird because she doesn't seem like she's 54. "Age is just a number". I don't know if it's that we keep our parents young but neither mom or dad feel like the age they are. Nobody I know believes me when I tell them my parents age (dad's 53 soon) and I really hope that I have that magical young-gene as well.

For the last like four days I've been struggling with cake decorations because I haven't had all the tools for specific decorations or I haven't had the color or the skills, so I've thrown out almost all of the things I've done. Then today I woke up around noon and it was like "great, now I only have a couple of hours to make this cake, with the different fillings and lids and decorations, AND having to go to the store".
It turned out really basic but it was okay. It had a chocolate base, a lot of whipped cream, lemon fromage and chocolate mousse. My first problem occured when I was placing the lid on top of the cake after doing all those cool spins and stuff like they do on Cake Boss, so I felt great about my project, until I noticed that the pre-made store-bought marzipan lid was too small for the cake. It was also very pork colored and it looked like it had been sweating away in a sauna for two years, but I couldn't remove the damn thing without all of the whipped cream following it, and since I didn't have any more... Okay, panic, how do I solve this?! was running through my mind, while at the same time keeping track of the time before the bus. I found some fondant, colored it more pink, it wasn't enough and I had to make even more and it was all falling apart because it was so hot in the kitchen and I maybe cried a little. Placed it on top of the marzipan and once the lid was on I ran to the bus stop.
When I came hope I wrapped a gift and started with decorating the cake which didn't work out so I just started to glue basic flowers onto it, and then me and Sebastian decorated the kitchen as well, and dressed up a little.

The fun thing about this cake is that the cream, mousse and fromage was all whipped so freaking hard that I literally punched the cake and it didn't even get a dent. It was so compact it was insane, so we had to use this saw like thing just to get through the fondant. I could probably drop this 4.4 pounds cake and nothing would happen to it. Oh yeah, and I'm not joking about the weight either.

Salmon was on the birthday menue and it was soooo good. I used to hate salmon and I refused to try it for many many years but then when I actually gave it a chance I was hooked. And then we had the monster cake, which was... It was okay. I don't regret it but I also won't be making a new one for a while, mostly because the three of us only ate less than 1/4 so we'll have cake for a couple of birthdays to come.

All this talk about food makes me hungry so I'm going to make some sandwiches and then jump into bed.
Gnight guys


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