Coping through writing

Hey guys!
So I though I'd share some quick advice which is currently keeping my head above water. When you feel like you have no control over a situation or you feel like you have too much control but doesn't know what to do with it, write. I do this almost every day and I don't think there's anything that acts more like a pick-me-up than creating does.
Depending on what you feel like, there are two different methods for this and we can call the first one situational writing and the second escape writing.

Situational writing can be used when you're standing in front of a problem or situation and you're not sure how to handle it. Let's say that your aunt robbed somebody because her son needed money for surgery, (this won't be lecture on moral, I don't know your aunt), and only you knew about it. And maybe you don't know if you're going to hand her in to the cops or just let it slide because nobody got hurt, even though she did break the law. Try to write a couple of sentences (or more if you want to) about what could happen if a character based on you had to make a decision like this. Write about the character choosing to not involve the police, and then write about the character turning his/hers aunt into the police. By doing this you'll not only start a possible best-seller, but you also get to see your situation from different angles where you have to argue for and against turning your aunt in. It's so much easier for us to stand up, take sides and argue for and against something if it doesn't actually affect us. So, if you're in front of a tough decision, write it down from different angles and see how you feel about each of them.

Escape writing is completely different and it's something I do every day. This is about letting go of your problems (even for just a moment) and place your focus on something completely different.
When I feel really bad and I can't find anything uplifting on Netflix or TLC I sit down with my notepad and I write away. What separates this from "ordinary" writing is that these projects are usually a lot shorter and not nearly as complicated. I partially do this when I'm upset because I don't want to "attach" or associate any negative feelings with my usual, bigger projects because I don't want that to come back and haunt me when I'm working on them.
So take a notepad or what you prefer to write on, and come up with a completely new story or situation that is supposed to be shorter than your usual ones, and then create. If you want, you can create a backstory and several characters, or just a situation with two or three characters. If you then want to add more and expand and keep writing on it when you feel better or more secure in your situation then go all in.

These are two different writing exercises that you can use when you feel like life is too much to handle. Remember, if you want to keep working on your exercises more in the future, leave the negative feelings behind and just go for it!


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