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Hey guys!
I woke up around noon today, and I decided to be productive today so I made two loaves of bread and a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. Turned out okay, and it took the entire afternoon to make.

I just got done watching a new Netflix Original documentary called Girls Incarcerated - Young and Locked up. It was released march 2 this year and if you haven't watched it yet, do it. Now. We're introduced to a place called Madison Correctional Facility, based in Indiana. The place is an alternative to the typical juvenile correctional facilities that I've heard about, where they instead of focusing on a specific date that the teenaged girls are released on, they are released based on how they behave and what kind of program that they've finished at this place. Not only do they work with addicitions, self-harm and keeping the girls off the streets, but they can also study and graduate high school there as well as learn skills that can help them stay on the right path in life when they're set free.
I first didn't think this was anything I wanted to watch but it was a slow night and I thought "well, why not?"

Through eight episodes we follow several girls as they work on themselves and get ready to leave. Each episode ends with one of them being released and we get an update about them. I probably wouldn't recommend this show if you are super crazy sensitive because the girls we meet aren't just trouble makers, they have also been let down by the people who should have had their backs throughout their childhood. Most of the girls that we follow have someone who's been to jail or prison, if not the whole family. They also suffered abuse, having drugged up or alcoholic parents and have been abusing substance themselves.
When I watched the first episode I was like "what type of entitled assholes are these kids", but as we get to know them we totally understand where they're coming from and I actually feel proud for these girls how far they've come. It's a weird feeling to be proud of someone you don't know.

It's gotten a lot of shit from parts of the internet, mocking the show for taking advantage of the girls, and being a reality show or a comedy show and I feel like the people who look at this show that way are missing a vital point; these girls are going against all odds and are trying to better themselves and we need to celebrate that.

So, watch that show.

Now I'm gonna get ready for bed because actually moving around and making stuff makes me tired really fast these days.
Night guys
Love you mom


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