A surprisingly good day

Hey guys!
If you can't tell by the title; I had a good day today. I'm happy about that but I'm also a little scared because usually when something good comes, like a good day, it means that a bad day is about to follow. It's been this way for years and my family can all attest to this.

I woke up around 11 am., cuddled with my precious and played some Sims and then we went for a walk.
Usually when we walk she pulls a lot and she likes to jump and do tricks or be all hyped up when we meet people, but she behaved so well and I'm so proud of her.
She met one of our neighbors for the first time today, which was really fun because even though she's lived her for many, many years, Polly has never had the possibility to actually meet and smell her.
We walked to the dog enclosure nearby where she played with a whippet, which is a smaller version of a greyhound. The dog, Knut, was almost a year old and he was so playful and ran so freaking fast that she couldn't keep up. Normally when we meet dogs she's the most playful energic thing ever, but he really took all her energy fast and by the end she actually got a little uncomfortable. When she started to hide from Knut behind me and Sebastian we understood that playtime was over for now. She had fun, she got tired, and he loved her. Unfortunately he jumped a lot so I couldn't take out my phone to film it because he would 100% make me drop it.
While walking home she met a mother and her barely-able-to-walk-toddler, who she was so gentle with. She's never met a small child before and to see her so kind and gentle with this one made me feel really good about the future if I decide to have kids.

All around great day and I'm so, so happy and tired right now.
Before going to sleep I did decide to write a review for the movie Satanic from 2016. I didn't like the movie because it had an open ending with literally zero information to go on.

ALSO, Polly now has an instagram account as well as a youtube channel because why not. Might as well spread some positivity. Not much uploaded so far but I have a so much material to go through so check in from time to time so you don't miss anything!
Gnight guys!


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