Ups and downs

Hey guys!
I'm just about to eat but I thought I'd write a little before because I know that I won't have the energy for it later.

What is new...On saturday, me, mom and Sebastian went on two EX-raids on Pokémon Go. An EX-raid is a special event that you have to get invited to, and I've been invited three times already, but this time both me and Sebastian recieved two invited each, so these two were Sebastian's first ones. We had a good time and everything worked out smoothly.

Yesterday, our dad came down to Helsingborg. He lived a couple of hours away, and once a month he drives down to work in Helsingborg, so we met up with him then. I made cinnamon buns for him and it was just really nice to meet him. Even though I'm almost 25 and he's lived away for a long, long time, I still miss him a lot and I can't imagine a life without my dad in it so it was just great to see him and hug him again.

I went to see my psych. today because where I live we usually get a text the day before we're supposed to meet with our doctors etc. I showed up today, ready to get this thing started, had my tissues ready as well, aaaaand.. No appointment. Apparently they changed their system so we now recieve our text messages two days before the appointment instead of one. That sucks, but I was already in town so I decided to meet up with some people to play Pokémon, and then I went home.

I was so filled with energy when I came home and I was like happy and it was an "up-day", until I started to make dinner. Today we have salmon and pasta, and in the middle of making it, some grease hit me on the shoulder and the pain is e.x.t.r.e.m.e. I was so close to crying, and I still am. So, now it's a "down-day", where I just lost everything and I'm ready to go to sleep for a month.


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