"Play along"

Hey guys!
I had a pretty decent day today, didn't do much really.
I was supposed to meet Rebecca today, which I did, but I totally overslept so I'm really thankful that my brother has enough courage to wake me up even though I'm an asshole to him when he does.
Went into town, met with Rebecca, had lunch with Rebecca, talk birthday plans and future plans with Rebecca and then we hugged and parted ways. We loosely decided to take the boat to Denmark and eat and shop a little for my birthday just the two of us, and I'm sooooo looking forward to it! Hoping for nice weather that day.

While waiting on the bus I met a neighbor and her new boyfriend. Or rather, they met me. I was just sitting at a bench, minding my own business when someone starts to wave furiously at me. Had no idea what was going on, but then I saw my neighbor and we hugged and talked a little. The talk went over some delicate topics that I wasn't really comfortable with, and there was like 20 more minutes before the bus left and wasn't really sure what to do. Then a knight in shining armor showed up, and I sent him a message asking him to play along and come tell me that we had to go to a Pokémon related thing together. I don't really know this guy more than that we've played together a couple of times, but I'm super happy that he helped me out. It wasn't that the people I was talking to were bad or weird or anything so if you're reading this then please don't feel insulted.

After my rescue, me and knight walked through the park to get to the other bus stop because we still had to get home, and he seems like a really nice guy so if you're reading this; thank you, I owe you one.

Because of this I feel very inspired and I'm posting a shorter post about positive and negative motivation in a second, so look out for that if you feel like you've strayed from your calling as a writer.

Also; don't forget to follow Polly on Instagram (and me, although I don't post as much as Polly), and check out the new recipe that I posted a couple of days ago!



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